Who Makes The Best Ceiling Fan?


When shopping for ceiling fans, you will be presented with all kinds of makes, models, styles, colors, and finishes.  You may be wondering who makes the best ceiling fan.  While no one manufacturer could fairly be deemed the very best, there are several that stand out from the crowd.  Hunter, Craftmade, Ellington, Fanimation, and Minka Aire each make stylish, sophisticated, and unique fans.  

hunter valhalla
Hunter Prestige Valhalla Ceiling Fan

Beginning with Hunter we find fans in traditional and modern styles.  Fans with five blades are prominent, while fixtures with as few as two blades, like the 1886 Limited Edition, are also offered.  Hunter also makes the Prestige Collection, a group of fans with exquisite styling and stunning details.  The Valhalla, a Prestige fan, includes curved beech wood blades and a water glass light can.  It’s a fan any modern designer is destined to fall in love with. 

Ellington is unsurpassed when it comes to grace and luxurious design.  From outdoor fans to classic, traditional, and modern models, Ellington is known for attention to detail.  Consider the Enclave, a modern fan featuring brushed chrome, maple blades, and a sophisticated light fixture.  This fan is an impressive example of a clean modern design. 

CraftMade Civic Ceiling Fan

Craftmade offers a selection of fans from casual to traditional and even has a group of fans designed for kids.  What little princess wouldn’t love the Bloom fan with its white, pink, and green flower petal blades?  For the aspiring athlete, there’s the Prostar Basketball fan.  The center of the fan is a basketball in the middle of the net.  It’s a fan any little hoopster is sure to cherish! 

For even more innovative ceiling fans, turn to Minka Aire.  From the Gyro to the Cirque, you won’t be disappointed.  Or, perhaps the Vintagecraft is more your style.  Whisking you away to a bygone era, this fan’s simple details and dark metal finishes will remind you of a quieter age. 

Best Three Ceiling Fans

The best ceiling fan is the one that is able to provide the best benefits and usefulness while at the same time being affordability for everybody else. The best ceiling fan is the one that also exceeds everyone’s expectations every time.

1. Hunter Auberville 44-Inch Ceiling Fan

Hunter 20413 Auberville 44-Inch Ceiling Fan
  • This type is designed for slightly smaller room. 

  • As powered by Whisper Word, it also works quietly. 

  • It also has flexible installation because of its 3-position mounting system. 

The little high price of the product is always the down side however, if the product is really that good then amount is definitely nothing at all. 

2. Hunter 20803 Low Profile III 52-Inch Ceiling Fan

Hunter 20803 Low Profile III 52-Inch Ceiling Fan
  • A popular choice among people on the constant look-out for the best ceiling fans. 

  • It has a straight forward design that can easily fit in any room. 

  • It has 5-blades, which provides stronger airflow. 

  • As powered by Whisper Word, it also works quietly. 

As with all hunter models are, price is high however the quality always outweighs the price. 

3. Fanimation Torto Ceiling Fan

Fanimation Torto Ceiling Fan

The maker of some of the most unique ceiling fans is Fanimation.  Evident of this is the Torto, a fan with twisted steel blades unlike anything you’ve seen before. 

The Cumulos is a daring design that blurs the lines between ceiling fan and light fixture.  Pewter and white frost combine to create a piece that is as much fan as it is light, with clean lines and simple elegance.

Before You Buy

Finding the best ceiling fan is difficult.  It is even made more difficult because of a lot of copycats in the market all promising benefits that are already unbelievable.  The best way to look for the best ceiling fans is to do extensive research of the different types in the market and do comparisons on the different models and types based on the benefits, performance, affordability, and other. 

Another also is to listen to/read reviews from experts of these ceiling fans or from consumers who have actually used the products in order to be able to see/hear the opinion and reviews first-hand.  There are still other ways on how to find the best ceiling fan out there, and so far these are the two best methods.  Consumers are free to choose what methods to use. 

No matter which brand you choose, you’re sure to be pleased with the options available today.  Gone are the days of simple, boring fans.  With innovative models on the market and custom choices available, you’ll have no trouble finding the best ceiling fan for your home.