Cheap Ceiling Fans - Still Has That Quality

Looking for a bedroom ceiling fan? Or perhaps even, a smaller unit for your vent-less bathroom. Wondering how much it will cost and how badly it will empty your wallet? Believe it or not there are inexpensive ceiling fans out there. 

Before you pick up your wallet and check your balance on that credit card let’s take a deep breath and consider all options. Such as: nature of ceiling fan needed, design possibilities, any accessories desired, installation process and… oh yes, exactly where you can find an amazing selection of cheap ceiling fans to choose from.

There is an endless supply to choose from these day and all you have to do it visit your local hardware store or how about grabbing a cup of coffee or tea and sit yourself down at the computer. Internet surfing is an excellent way to go and if you don’t want to purchase one online just print the name brand and picture and take it with you to your trusted neighborhood store. Call ahead to be sure they have the ceiling fan in stock and to verify the price.

This is only one of the many great Westinghouse ceiling fan products from a very extensive list.  All Westinghouse ceiling fans are enhanced by stylish features and a lot of them are available for reasonable prices that anyone can afford.

As stated above this particular fan is a flush mounted fan for lower ceilings which means this particular item would not be suitable for you if your ceilings are above 8 feet. Not to fret though because there are cheap priced ceiling fans out there for this height requirement as well.

Best Three Cheap Ceiling Fans

Good thing though that there are still cheap ceiling fans that are of quality as well. These ceiling fans also come with extra features aside from being affordable, which include being efficient and made to last longer.

1.Westinghouse 7861500 Contempra Trio Ceiling Fan

cheap ceiling fans
Westinghouse Contempra Trio 42-Inch Five-Blade Ceiling Fan - $59.80
  • Equipped with reversible rosewood or bird’s eye maple blades and frosted glass. 

  • Equipped with a three-light lighting kit. 

  • Also with a brushed nickel finish. 

One of the most sought out brands in the line of cheap ceiling fans is the Westinghouse 7861500 Contempra Trio. This fan is a flush mount style and is suitable for rooms with eight foot ceilings or less.

2. Hunter 22460 The Astoria 52-Inch Five Blades Ceiling Fan

Hunter 22460 The Astoria 52-Inch Five Blades Ceiling Fan - $107.92 
  • Has a whisper wind motor. 

  • Comes with a 120-watt bowl light fixture. 

  • It has the 5-maple and cherry blade. 

  • It comes with Installer’s choice of 3-position mounting system. 

As with flush mount fans, one disadvantage of this fan model would be the lack of airflow because of the short distance of the blades from the ceiling. 

3. Air King 5-Blade Ceiling Fan

Air King 9848 48-Inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan
  • Perfect for medium to large rooms

  • Its motor is enclosed to provide quiet performance

  • Comes with convenient wall switch

  • Safe to use even in damp location

This type of ceiling fan provides an efficient air flow to the room giving a refreshing feeling regardless of its lack of small features that will add more beauty to its look. 

Before You Buy

Consumers must bear in mind that being economical in finding cheap ceiling fans must not mean compromising quality.  There are several cheap ceiling fans out there if consumers know where to look.  A research about these ceiling fans here and there would not hurt. 

Of course when you start investigating ceiling fans you will find, the fancier it is, the more detail it sports, and depending upon accessories, the price can get hefty. But if you’re in the market for a ceiling fan that does its job while still being attractive with simple design lines there are affordable ones available. Go on…go get one!