Industrial Ceiling Fan: Power, Performance and Efficiency

Now don’t go thinking that these can cool of an entire factory single handedly just because they are “industrial”! While industrial ceiling fans are definitely big and powerful, they are actually meant to provide optimal air movement in large rooms or areas, and are preferred in commercial or industrial buildings and offices.

Industrial ceiling fans are usually installed in multiple numbers if larger areas need to be covered. They circulate air throughout the entire office in a very efficient manner and removes the need for other more expensive and commercially less viable methods. These fans usually put functionality over form, and seldom ever look good. Even so, some of the models can be quite expensive.

Reasons for buying an Industrial ceiling fan:

  • Keep in tune with the industrial décor of the office or workplace or a commercial establishment.

  • Life saver on those hot summer days, both for employees working by providing them with well circulated air and for the company management by doing so in a cost effective manner.

  • People with large houses prefer to install industrial ceiling fans as even though they are huge, they are still a lot more cost effective than air conditioners.

Industrial ceiling fans are no doubt quite popular, and if you find yourself in any of the above described definitions then you need to look into the options that you have.

Best Three Industrial Ceiling Fans

Some of the top rated fans you can choose are:

1. Westinghouse Industrial Ceiling Fan

It is the most affordable industrial ceiling fan available in the market today. This is a simple white industrial grade fan which deviates from looking good in favor of working as best as it can. The fan has a 56-inch blade span and is ideal for use in large, high-ceilinged rooms with its 12-inch down rod.


  • Extremely cheap: The Westinghouse Industrial is definitely the most affordable industrial grade ceiling fan available in the market.

  • Westinghouse Industrial Ceiling Fan
  • Lasts very long: This fan is meant to outlast everything else around it and can take on all the harsh elements around with disdain.

  • Requires very little maintenance: Very nearly requires no maintenance at all.

  • Great value for money: An industrial ceiling fan is supposed to work as best and as long as it can and the Westinghouse Industrial does exactly that.


  • Not a good looker: Since it is an industrial ceiling fan, the Westinghouse Industrial gets the job done while sacrificing on looks.

  • Remote control not included: This too can be forgiven since these will most definitely be installed in an office where remote controls are not really needed.

2. Emerson Metal Industrial Fan

Most industrial fans are white, but this one comes in sleek and polished black finish. This gloss black fan comes with 56-inch blades with a 12 degree blade span. The blades are made of glossy black metal and are powered by a heavy duty 153mm Spinner Drive motor.


    Emerson Metal Industrial Fan
  • Great looks for an office: The looks of this fan alone can get people into your office! It isn’t one of those drab colors or designs that normal industrial ceiling fans come in.

  • Good circulation: The specially designed paddle type blades help cool the room well and re-circulate the trapped warm air.


  • Lack of a light kit: The fan is quite expensive and should at least come with an optional light kit.

  • Fan controls not bundled: The fan control systems do not come with the fan and are sold separately. This does end up making the fan even more expensive.

3. TPI Industrial Ceiling Fan

Arguably the best fan in terms of performance. The TPI offering is more expensive than other similar products out there, primarily because of some upgraded features and capabilities provided in the fan. The TPI heavy duty down draft ceiling fan comes with 60-inch blades powered by a quiet motor rotating at 320 RPM and with 47,000 CFM air delivery. Great for use in areas like workshops and garages.


    TPI Industrial Ceiling Fan
  • Quiet motor: This is a rather quiet fan for the kind of power that it delivers.

  • Large areas are no problem: No matter how big the space is, this fan easily delivers air to every corner with is huge blades and powerful motor.

  • Lasts long: It is a very capable fan and works very well under difficult conditions. In fact this fan will probably outlast anything else in your office.


  • Expensive: For the longevity and quality that it delivers, The TPI Industrial is an expensive fan.

  • Limited warranty: Although the 30 year warranty that this fan comes with will suffice, it is worth noting that most industrial fans coming today offer lifetime warranties. 

Before You Buy

Industrial ceiling fans are really good when it comes to keeping those large spaces or your office cool and airy during summer months. They are a good alternative to the other more expensive methods of cooling and hence save a lot of money.