Kitchen Ceiling Fans Bring Style and Function to the Heart of the Home

monte carlo

It’s the heart of the home; and, it’s a room that shouldn’t be overlooked when deciding on ceiling fan placement.  Kitchen ceiling fans are essential for aiding in cooling and heating, as well as adding a decorative, yet functional, accent to the room.  With a batch of designs ranging from country to ultra-modern, you’ll be cooking up a new style in no time! 

Another benefit of adding a ceiling fan to the kitchen is that it can provide additional lighting where it is needed.  For example, placing a ceiling fan over your island or other prep area means that you can use the light where you are working, rather than turning on every light in the kitchen.  Task lighting such as this helps to lower energy bills and improve efficiency. 

If you love country themes, you’re sure to find fan blades with your favorite motif.  From roosters and apples to pretty floral prints, these blades are easily attached to your existing fan.  Rustic ceiling fans are also available for those who love the primitive or antique look. 

The Arts and Crafts ceiling fan from Progress Lighting is a beautiful case in point.  This fan bears four Honey Art glass lights suspended from a weathered bronze body.  This is the perfect compliment to your antique flour bins, primitive breadboards, and vintage utensils. 

Best Three Kitchen Fans

In deciding what type of ceiling fan to put in the kitchen, some pointers should be taken into consideration. A kitchen ceiling fan should aid in heating and cooling, add additional lighting, and improve air in the kitchen. 

1. Monte Carlo Centrifica Fan

monte carlo
Monte Carlo Centrifica, 52-Inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan

For those with an ultra-modern kitchen, the Monte Carlo Fans Centrifica is sure to please.  This fan features stunning brushed steel blades and a soft white light – perfect for adding over an island or other workspace. 

  • Its blades fold away when the fan is turned off. 

  • With the blades fold away, a beautiful light fixture is seen out of this.  

  • It has a sleek-style design that can complement or accent any modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances. 

2. Fanimation Bon Aire Ceiling Fan

fanimatio bon aire
Fanimation Bon Aire Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Cream

If a truly functional kitchen is your desire, then don’t miss the Fanimation Bon Aire.  This fan is an unbelievable combination of form and function.  At first glance, it appears to be a traditional pot rack. 

However, cleverly hidden inside are dual fans, perfect for providing additional air circulation in an otherwise hot room. 

Optional light kits further extend the functional capability of this fan.  It’s a perfect choice for those with limited space since it makes use of every inch of its design. 

3. Duplo-Dinamico Kitchen Ceiling Fan

Duplo Dinamico, 36in Dual Rotational Ceiling Fan
  • Timeless and sophisticated aesthetic rotational ceiling fan. 

  • Its motor heads can be infinitely positioned in 180-degree arcs for optimum air movement. 

  • Its rotational fans circulate heat and air conditioning more efficiently than traditional paddle fans. 

Its unique motor mount and fan head knob is made of genuine marbleized Bakelite. A flushmount adapter would be needed for ceilings lower than 98 inches. 

Before You Buy

Having a kitchen ceiling fan is important as well not only for decorative purposes but also for comfort.  There are a lot of activities in the kitchen and having an efficient air regulator to maintain a cooler temperature is very much important so as to put the people in the kitchen in a comfortable situation such as the cooks or the individuals who prepare food. 

It’s plain to see that these fans are more than a simple combination of blades and a motor.  They are an essential element in kitchen design as well as money saving, functional, addition to your room.