Out of the Ordinary Minka Aire Ceiling Fans

minka aire acero

At first glance you might not think that Minka Aire ceiling fans are any different than any other brand. Wrong. First impressions are not what they seem to be. Sometimes we need to take a second look and when we do, what pops out at us is that Minka Aire offers unassuming elegance that will enhance any room in your home.

If Minka Aire is new to you, allow me the pleasure of introducing them. Minka Group has been well known for manufacturing striking decorative home lighting fixtures that go from styles that are unpretentious to those that take your breath away. It has been stated that their products are unequaled in craftsmanship, functionality and stability.

Hence it wasn’t far-reaching when Minka Group launched a wide-range assembly of Minka Aire ceiling fans that are attractively represented in three all-encompassing categories; contemporary, traditional, and transitional.

You will find indoor and outdoors, modern-day and retro, transitional and traditional and even opt for that classic always-in-style one.

A traditional design for example would be a ceiling fan called Gyro™ that has two opposing sets of blades and is offered in white, nickel, bronze or walnut. However if you are looking for something with a European flair, check out Classique.  

Minka Aire's Latest Collection

Minka Aire latest collection features a high-tech, sleek contemporary design with an impressive list of modern features which includes a full function wall mount Touch control system, unique die-cast blade holders, and incorporated halogen light.

Designer Series includes latest modern designs of present-day flair, style and grace and an eternal spirit designed by several recognized names of the industry. Minka Aire has met the necessity of air circulation in spacious rooms by redesigning several of their popular designs with bigger bodies and longer fan blades. Minka-Aire has something to offer for every appliance or furniture in your home, whatever is your preference or lifestyle. Some of its best products are Minka Aire Acero, Minka Aire Cobra and Minka Aire EOS ceiling fans.

1. Minka Aire Acero Ceiling Fan

By merging today's technology with retroactive styling Minka Aire has produced its “Acero” ceiling fan.

Minka-Aire Fans 52" Acero Brushed Ceiling Fan
  • Interesting features such as integrated light kit with Halogen mini can bulb of 100 Watt.

  • To use it without the down light a cap is also provided.

  • It has 52 inches blade span so as to provide easy air circulation in spacious rooms.

  • Acero is also enabled with a Wall Mount Touch Control and Remote Control system. It has a sleek brushed steel finish. It displays unparallel contemporary design. Minka Aire offers life time warranty for it.

    2. Minka Aire Cobra Ceiling Fan

    One of the other amazing and exceptionally designed products of Minka Aire is the “Cobra”. The Minka Aire Cobra has an attractive modern-day design and is decorated with bold lines and characteristic swept-wing blades. Adding the finishing touch to this high performance and uniquely designed ceiling fan is its cast blade medallions.

    Minka Aire George Kovacs Aerodynamic Ceiling Fan in Maple
  • “Cobra” has five blades each with 54 inches blade span.

  • It is also equipped with a Wall Mount Touch Control and Remote Control systems.

  • It too has an integrated 100 Watt halogen mini can light.

  • It adds zing to the room’s new décor and style with its exuberant style and finishing. Life time warranty is also ensured for “Cobra” by Minka Aire.

    3. Minka Aire EOS Ceiling Fan

    Minka-Aire Fans EOS Contemporary Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

    Yet another product of Minka Aire with arresting design is the “EOS” ceiling fan.

    • EOS has three hanging options to compliment its unique and contemporary styling from George Kovacs. 

    • It features three blades of blade span 60 inches each.

    • It has some additional finishing options. One of them being that it has nickel finishing.

    • Hanging depths has two options full and short. “EOS” is preferable for vaulted ceilings.

    Like the other Minka Aire products it too has a Wall Mount Touch Control and Remote Control systems and 100 Watt halogen mini can bulb. Unlike its other products Minka Aire offers limited lifetime warranty on “EOS”.

    Before You Buy

    Minka  Aire offers the best ceiling fan that fits your budget. Also it is tested for various aspects such as its ease of installation, air volume, number of blades, and overall value by experts so as to find the best fan at every price point and ensure that your home is a comfortable place for you and your family.

    And as for quality – it is said “you get what you pay for,” well with Minka Aire ceiling fans…that’s a lot!