Rustic Ceiling Fans - Different Décor

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These days everyone thinks sleek and crisp lines when buying a ceiling fan. They don’t realize what they are missing by passing on rustic ceiling fans for their homes. Granted they may not go with every décor but you would be surprised at how easily it can fit in simply because most are manufactured with of course… wood - but also with pure bronze, copper and iron.  
Back in the time of the 1880’s when Philip Diehl first came up with the idea of the ceiling fan the concept has been continued basically unaltered which means that ceiling fans provided a gentle breeze from a motor with a number of blades attached. Even back in those days ceiling blades came in several different lengths and angled at various degrees for properly circulating air.

And of course, back in those days country and rustic was the “in” thing.

Nowadays your can still find that perfect rustic fan to match the style you had in mind. Check out the Monte Carlo’s rustic/country ceiling fan with it weathered looking iron décor. Another one by Monte Carlo is the Old Chicago Rustic/Country ceiling fan which is both a fan and chandelier with pine cone and log accents.

Aspen offers a rustic five bladed ceiling fan with brushed Amber glass that is enhanced by weathered Bronzed patina. In fact Aspen has a whole motif collection of rustic lights intertwined with pine trees or pine cones just waiting to compliment their rustic ceiling fan.

Best Three Rustic Ceiling Fans

1. Monte Carlo Great Lodge

Monte Carlo Fans Great Lodge 5GL52WI Ceiling Fan
  • Features a strong 188x22mm torque-induction motor. 

  • Has a 16-degree blade pitch for optimum air movement. 

  • Is remote control adaptable. 

  • Has precision balanced motor and blades for wobble-free operation. 

This fan model may have the limited lifetime warranty however, consumers are still assured that this fan model is of high quality and thus can last longer. 

2. Concord Ponderosa Traditional Fan

Concord Fans Ponderosa 52'' Traditional Ceiling Fan - CC-52PD5OWL
  • Features a 188 x 15 mm motor. 

  • It is equipped with a reversible airflow. 

  • Has a remote control mechanism. 

One downside to this fan model comes in smaller size than the others such as Monte Carlo. 

Concord Ponderosa might be smaller in size compared to the Monte Carlo but it is also effective and exceptionally beautiful. 

3.Casablanca Wilderness Textured Fan

Casablanca 86U89M Wilderness Textured Uplight 54" Ceiling Fan
  • Features a 188 x 20 mm motor. 

  • Has a built-in 2-3 touch speed remote control mechanism. 

  • A little costly compared to the first two. 

One of the heavier ceiling fan models in the market. This fan model may be a little costly than the other but still bears the same quality. 

Before You Buy

Rustic ceiling fans, no matter how modern or chic an interior house design is will always find their way to blend in and be a part of the total décor.  For some people saying that rustic fans no longer fit in today’s modern stylish interior designs do not fully realize that rustic fans can way blend with just any design.

Its unique and authentic rustic look can compliment any interior design; making the addition of them seem more natural, which brings that comfort feeling.  Rustic ceiling fans always bring with them that welcoming feeling of coziness that people will definitely love.

Being rustic simply means being natural and natural, just naturally brings comfort to any home.