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Artemis Ceiling Fans

We all practically know that installing a ceiling fan at home can help lower your electricity bills. A ceiling fan unit like the Artemis makes for a comfy surround during the year’s hotter months. Nonetheless, there are still several folks who do not know about the advantages a good unit can bring and this article wants to bring up the good news that is Artemis.

In the summer, purchasing said unit can help radically cut back energy costs. With proper utilization, this particular device can minimize your electricity bills for up to 30-40 percent. During the summer, make sure that the fan is turning into a counter-clockwise motion to maximize its benefits.

Read on and find out why Artemis units from Minka Aire will help improve your home’s overall look and surroundings.

Artemis by Minka Aire: A Brief Overview

Minka Aire was founded in 1993 as the ventilator branch of Minka Lighting, Inc. The owners Bill and Marian Tang were aware that the firm’s experience with lighting design will profit immensely from a division focused on ceiling fans. The project started out in Corona, California and eventually the brand’s products became hits.

The brand features both traditional and contemporary designs in their line of products and they have obtained an amazing slew of accomplishments from transforming a rather ordinary appliance into a functional yet artistic piece of work designed to fit any kind of interior scheme.

Minka Aire belongs to the Minka Group which also includes Minka-Lavery, Metropolitan Lighting and George Kovacs.

Why You Should Consider Artemis Fans

The craftsmanship involved in a Minka Aire piece like the Artemis is a joy to behold and experience. The company’s able craftsmen and women have profound skills in laying our products made from wrought iron, cast aluminum, brass, resin and wood. With these materials, they can create a broad range of up-to-date fans in an array of styles and sizes.

The company also features more standard styles, transitional models and even a number of tropics-inspired styles. Truly, there is that one Artemis fan that is just waiting for you to get found.

The Artemis unit is a famous design built with a curved fan blade, available in a selection of styles and finishes. It can add a touch of class inside a dwelling or your working space while providing eco-friendly solutions as well. It has a unique look provided by its Flying Vanes (blades), and integrated fully dimmable halogen lamp with a wall control that has 3 forward and reverse fan speeds.

Unlike other ceiling fans, the shape of the Artemis blades was designed to extend the balance when slicing the air. This helps to reduce the fan’s noise in the affected area so there is lesser disturbance.

Pre-installed with an integrated mini halogen lamp. It is obvious that proper lighting can draw attention while projecting elegance and warmth to the entire room. It is UL-rated and its motor comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

You will see the advantage of this particular device during the summer months. Nowadays, summers are longer and way hotter than before. A ceiling fan from this line can make the air surrounding you shift and budge noiselessly, in a measured manner. It can cool your body faster without making you sweat.

Artemis ceiling fans are a blessing in the heat of the summer. During those hotter months and on places with a tropical climate, we often think about solutions to further keep away the heat and avail of a cool breeze to get relief from the constant warmth. This certain relief is provided by devices from Minka Aire.

The company’s products are energy-efficient and provides a noise-free operation. Almost all units come with a hand-held or a wireless remote. You can also employ the use of this fan during the winter months by changing the course of the rotation. This way, the heat coming from the ceiling is pushed down.

Since the company’s line of ceiling fans come in a good variety of styles, shapes and finishes, picture the part of your home where you want the model installed. It is often a great idea to kick off an interior decoration bender so the Artemis model you have in mind will completely suit the room’s décor.

The Artemis is a must for any space in your home or business quarters. You can install it on your living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, your children’s rooms, the den, the entryways down to offices and commercial complexes. It is a truly versatile piece.

Artemis fans with lights on the other hand, provide not only heaps of functionality and illumination, it also contributes greatly to a dwelling’s multi-tiered lighting design.

Lastly, the company’s line of products can be easily installed. Beginners who want to try out the whole DIY approach will be glad to know that mounting an Artemis is pretty simple while experienced DIY folks will surely appreciate the unit’s straightforward installment instructions.

Currently, the company does not sell directly to the public. But their distributors are trained and they can help you with your queries with regards to product purchases or orders. Minka Aire has an official website online and you can go to the site’s Dealer Locator page to find a Minka dealer near your location.

Best Three Artemis Ceiling Fans

The top models in the Artemis series are the following:

Minka-Aire Fans 58″ Artemis Contemporary Maple Ceiling Fan


Minka Aire Artemis Ceiling Fan Model in Brushed Nickel


Minka Aire Artemis 3 Blade Ceiling Fan in Translucent

Each of the fans in the series has a distinct character to them. The Maple ceiling fan will give you the impression that you really have a polish maple wood fan in your house. The Brushed Nickel ceiling fan looks quite stunning in the daytime when it shines and the metallic look of the fan is very evident and eye catching. The Translucent ceiling fan has a whole different look about it and can add an extra dimension to your room with no compromise.

The Artemis fan come with 3, 58 inch blades with the shades being in etched opal and is available in 3 speed modes. Both forward and reverse modes are available with a full range light dimmer. A receiver unit also comes with the fan that is compatible with the optional remote control which is sold separately should you decide to operate the fan from a hand held remote control or use both the included wall control and optional remote control alongside each other.

Pros & Cons

Pros of the Artemis Ceiling fans:

Stunning looks: The fan looks absolutely gorgeous. The design, the blades add a different appeal to your room. It has modern looks and unless you are old fashioned, you can’t possibly find a fault with the design of these fan.

Quality is top notch: These fans are also robustly constructed so you get great strength with good looks.

Absolutely quiet: The fan runs silently and it is probably the most silent fans out there in the market. It is actually difficult to even notice a whisper when it’s running.

Aerodynamic design: The aerodynamic design adds an extra appeal to the fan making it possible for it to run silently and efficiently.

Touch controls: The illuminated touch controls are great and very easy to use.

Great lighting: The lighting on these fans are very suave and in good taste. They don’t hurt your eyes and neither is it too dim.

No wobbles:  The fan doesn’t shake a bit even when it is running at dull speeds.

Good motor: The motor is of real good quality and you can run it all year round without facing any problems.

Lifetime warranty: Which means that there is peace of mind for as long as you have the fan.

Cons of the Artemis Ceiling fans:

Extremely expensive: The fans cost a lot and can be a real burden on your purse at times.

Average breeze: The airflow of Artemis ceiling fans is quite average which means you cannot expect a strong breeze from this fan.

Tends to draw too much attention: This fan tends to draw too much attention away especially if people have seen it for the first time. Depending on your choice this can be a good or a bad thing.

Heavy:  The fan is quite heavy and thin ceilings need to be reinforced before this ceiling fan can be installed.

Touch controls: The illumination on the touch panel stays on whenever the fan is on. It uses up unnecessary electricity and can be a disturbance when you are trying to sleep.

Before You Buy

The pros clearly outweigh the cons in the Artemis series. Make no mistake, these are outstanding fans and if you are willing to pay that extra bit, you have a great product which can make you the reason of envy in your neighborhood. Style and functionality always comes at a premium for any product and this fan is miles ahead of the competition.