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Emerson Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fan is a crucial part of any room. They can cut down electricity costs not only during summers, but during the colder seasons too. It does not use up plenty of electricity unlike your standard air conditioning unit.

These days, there are pretty much a broad array of units one can choose from, and each and every product differ in terms of style and features.

Contrary to popular belief, a ceiling fan should not be taken for granted because today, there are lots of models which not only perform efficiently, they also feature fantastic designs. And we have to give thanks to Emerson for providing us consumers with units that combine both style and excellent performance.

Emerson: A Brief Overview

The company has been in the business for a while now: over 100 years, in fact. The company had its humble beginnings in 1897 by way of a tiny, rented office space which specializes on the production of railroad switching machinery. After a few years, the fledgling company created the world’s first brush-type fan motor which is an invention that will soon grace the first desk fans.

It was a success, and to this day, the company continues to manufacture and create new products to satisfy their loyal clients. The brand’s motors are considered as one of the best in the business while their fan designs are tagged as innovators.

Being in the business for a long time has earned the company a spot in the Fortune 100, which guarantees that Emerson will stay to sustain their line of products and warranties for an extended amount of time.

Emerson has been setting quality standards for more than a century now. It stands for reliability and performance. It is more than just tradition; they make good fans as simple as that, in fact you really cannot go wrong with an Emerson ceiling fan if you opt for purchasing one. Emerson always has and continues to provide the best styles coupled with the best performing fans out there and here we shall discuss what you need to know before you purchase an Emerson ceiling fan.

Innovation has been the primary focus of the company and quality serves as its objective. They still possess patents on two fundamental methods for fan speed control and this basically means that fan manufacturers who want to use the same kind of feature should pay the company a royalty for implementing said methods into their own products.

The brand has set industry standards in the course of their tenure in the business and to this day, Emerson regulates and manages the whole manufacturing procedure of their products so clients will get longer warranties and units free from maintenance.

Why You Should Consider Emerson Ceiling Fans

There is a multitude of reasons why you should consider buying an Emerson unit. Each and every part of a unit from the brand are designed and fleshed out by its team of in-house engineers. These are parts that are crafted, modeled and manufactured with utmost dedication to quality.

The die-cast housing for the units are made from pure zinc, which is deemed as the perfect material for adding complex details to a design. The zinc’s quality plating and polishing features make for a unit’s excellent finishes. The radiant luster of the housing and the blade holders are polished by hand, triple-electroplated, buffed and then oven-cured, and they are exquisite and long-lasting.

The company has a great understanding of motors, and as mentioned above, they hold patents which are now used by a number of brands in various industries. Emerson blades on the other hand, are custom-built from up to 6 gradations of wood, with each blade accurately coordinated in terms of size and weight. It is micro-balanced within a gram to ensure maximum airflow and completely wobble-free performance.

The ceiling fans are also reversible; you can now use the unit even during the coldest of the winter months to supply warm air. Another excellent features of the brand’s line of products is the Silent Hub feature which is a computer-designed flexible flywheel. The Silent Hub performs as some sort of shock absorber to separate the blades and get rid of noise transmission.

The Silent Hub is built from a material similar to rubber named as EPDM. This material withstands corrosion and it is quite durable. The lithe hub safeguards the blades of the unit as well, protecting it from damage and getting broken through accidental contact and poor handling.

Furthermore, the Silent Hub feature also provides users the option of mounting 4-5 blades. A fan with 4 blade installations can circulate air in a room as much as a 5-bladed unit can since it has an augmented RPM. Units with this number of blades usually complement rooms with a traditional interior design scheme. Meanwhile, the 5-blade units offer moderate, laidback airflow and also provides a stylish, sophisticated touch to modern dwellings.

Lastly, an Emerson ceiling fan’s soared bearing is built to be free from maintenance, so users won’t feel troubled to provide it with regular upkeep.

One great example of the company’s dedication to quality and efficiency is the Carrera Grand ECO which is one of its bestsellers. The unit uses an efficient DC motor which utilizes 3x less electricity as compared with a standard ceiling fan. It can generate over 7100 CFMs of airflow for just 22 watts and it also bears the Energy Star label.

Emerson fans are available in various showrooms all over the US, and they can be purchased online through e-retailers too.

Reasons for buying an Emerson ceiling fan:

  • Emerson was and continues to be one of the best ceiling fan manufacturers in the world; their fans are some of the best in the world.
  • Many of their fans are Energy Star compliant making them as efficient as fans can be.
  • They have a wide variety of designs with an even wider variety of functionalities meaning you have plenty to choose from.

Best Three Emerson Ceiling Fans

While most Emerson ceiling fans are considered some of the most sought after in the world; these are some of the better ceiling fans from them that you can buy:

  1. Emerson 3 Blade 60″ Loft Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Designer ceiling fan features a seamless housing with no visible hardware for a more attractive look. You’ll find this ceiling fan in a variety of finishes to fit your needs.


  • Attractive: This sleek fan looks really good and given the color options that you have, rest assured you will NOT be disappointed.
  • Efficient: The fan has high efficiency airfoil blades which will help you save up on power.
  • Reversible airflow: Which distinctively makes it a multipurpose fan.


  • Limited warranty: For a fan that is this good, it could have used a lifetime warranty.
  • Cannot be flush-mounted: While this is not the most feature, it would have definitely made the installation a lot easier.
  • Slightly poor circulation: The fan is definitely a looker and also pretty efficient; however the circulation is left a little wanting.
  1. Emerson Fans 30″ Tilo Contemporary Outdoor Brushed Steel Ceiling Fan

This particular Tilo ceiling fan with a 4 speed slide wall control in a brushed steel motor finish is UL damp rate and includes three, dark cherry blades. The light kit, the downrod and the accessories are sold separately.


  • Great looks: The look of this fan will attract a lot of people and it certainly does no harm at being priced really well.
  • Limited lifetime warranty: Ok so any fan can use a full-fledged out and out all bells and whistles included lifetime warranty but seriously who uses that? In most cases limited life time warranties greatly suffice.


  • Lights and downrods sold separately: Lights have become the standard for fan manufacturers, but an included downrod is a little necessary.
  • Wall control: There is not even an option for a remote control available for this fan so purchasing one separately is something you can’t even consider.
  1. Emerson Midway Eco CF955WW

This ceiling fan has the new Emerson EcoMotor and the sleek Midway Eco design to maximize energy efficiency. This fan motor uses upto 75% less energy compared to other ceiling fan motors, high-efficiency, and aerodynamically designed blades that move up to 40% more air than standard blades. It has 6 speeds, more than any other fan.


  • Extremely efficient:  This fan is perhaps the most efficient ceiling fan available in the market today and it had top Energy Star ratings as well to its credit.
  • Large areas are no problem: No matter how big the space is, this fan easily delivers air to every corner with is huge blades and the very powerful motor along with a 6 speed mode.
  • Very capable: It moves a lot of air at high settings and remembers the last setting even after a power failure.
  • Fluorescent bulbs: These bulbs too help in saving money.


  • Noisy: It makes a low buzzing sound when the light is turned on.
  • Mediocre lighting: While there is a glare under the fan however around it is unusually dark.

Before You Buy

The Emerson ceiling fans offer a great deal for the money you spend. And more over the Midway Eco series are tremendously energy efficient fans and will keep you cool no matter how hot it is out there without impinging on the electricity bills. While the costs is a little towards the high side, you really will not regret purchasing one there designs as it offers virtually everything you could have asked for.