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Fanimation Ceiling Fans

Fanimation ceiling fans are an affordable way to give your living space a makeover. Other than boosting your home’s interiors, it can cut down your energy bills too. Using ventilation devices from the company’s line lets you operate your air conditioner on a regular basis, thus saving you money.

Choosing the right model from the brand will be a breeze as long as you pick one with a size and scale that suits the room in mind. Bigger rooms with higher ceilings can be improved with Fanimation fans with longer blades while downsized rooms will require smaller models.

Discover more about the company and all the good things that come with their products.

Fanimation: A Brief Overview

Tom Frampton, upon noticing the country’s need for ceiling fans with great aesthetics and at the same time, excellent functionality and quality has decided that he should go ahead and make an innovative line of his own.

He started making designs in Pasadena, California and Tom’s first design was the Punkah. His designs were well-received by consumers and because of the great demand, he developed his business operations and eventually moved his office to Central Indiana.

The next two decades saw the company transform into a one-person operation into a full-sized international company. Nowadays, the firm retails its products to over 1,500 retail stores, shipping its merchandise to over 23 countries. Tom has since resigned and handed over management duties to his son, Nathan.

Under Nathan’s managerial duties, the company has carried on to develop and further improve its business while continuing its family-centric approach to corporate values, which has defined the company along with its groundbreaking product designs.

Fanimation was formed not long back, but in this short period of time, they have become one of the leaders in the industry of ceiling fans by creating new and innovative fans for a wide variety of venues. Their benchmark designs include Original Palm Leaf Fan Blade, The Palisade with its vertical rotation design, and The Punkah, sporting side-to-side, synchronized motion.

The brand’s ceiling fans have been used in a broad range of settings from residential homes to famous theme parks. They were given plenty of media coverage, appearing in magazines like Vanity Fair, TV shows on HGTV and even on movie sets.

Their line of energy-efficient products are designed in a way that it will appeal to those with even the most discriminating tastes. From traditional styles to contemporary models, you will see why individuals from the enthusiastic homemaker down to Hollywood types have been drawn to the company’s merchandise.

Why You Should Consider Fanimation Ceiling Fans

The company focuses on designing and crafting exceptional, high-quality ceiling fans that are both functional and stylish. Customer satisfaction is their top priority, and this contributes mainly to the progress and expansion of their product line. Their fans are unique and diverse like their clients and it suits each and every venue, décor and style.

A great number of their products have distinctive designs, materials and blade shapes. These features represent distinguishing operations to the fans’ motors. Each product’s development procedure is dedicated to the creation of the motor which will complement and come together with the complete design.

The company makes sure that the motor design is carefully assembled, from its copper wires, motor coils, rotor skew angles down to its capacitators. In addition to the company’s dedication to making efficient motors, they are also committed to environmentally-conscious business practices.

The brand has produced a huge selection of Energy Star-rated ceiling fans and carries out energy-efficient procedures in its warehouse set-up, and this includes eco lighting on its shipping facilities and the use of recyclable resources in packaging the products.

In the summer, we need to sustain a cool, relaxed and cozy ambiance in our dwelling. This means switching the air conditioner on, which in turn, brings energy usage to a high. Air conditioning has its benefits and it is an ideal solution for cooling the home, but the advantages of using a ceiling fan from Fanimation alone or together with an AC unit, can provide plenty of noteworthy energy-saving benefits.

Ceiling fans can use up as few as 30 watts once switched on while a central AC unit’s power usage can go up to 5,000 watts. A properly used ceiling fan device can help distribute air in the room and setting it to turn counter-clockwise can bring about cool air during the summer months. You can also benefit from warm air coming from the same unit by reversing the fan’s rotation direction.

Furthermore, the company provides an all-embracing quality-control personnel. They are employees who work full-time and the company does not outsource its quality-control staff. The company makes sure that they have staff each and every day in their factories to guarantee that their line of products meet their clients’ yardsticks on quality.

No company is ever perfect, but the firm devotes their time and focus on their clients’ expectations more than any rival company. This is solid proof why the company through the years, has stood the test of time. They cranked out functional pieces of art that meets their customers’ demands and to this day, still continues to improve.

Why consider buying a Fanimation ceiling fan:

  • Designs are refreshingly different and more “artsy” than what you normally get these days.
  • Great collection right from the cool tropical look of The Islander and The Palisade to the traditional flavor of The Americana, from the nostalgic feel of The Bourbon Street and The Old Havana to the amazingly contemporary, single-blade fan, The Enigma.
  • Not only quality but also expressive in nature.

As customer satisfaction is given top priority by Fanimation, their fans can easily be considered some of the best ceiling fans out there.

Fanimation Ceiling Fan: Best Top Three

While almost any Fanimation you fancy will obviously carry their seal of approval, these are some of the top rated fans which are doing the rounds today:

  1. Fanimation Palisade Tropical 52” Ceiling Fan

This fan attempts at bringing the look and feel of the tropics straight to your living room (seriously, don’t try and hide it away in a bedroom or something, the fan NEEDS to be seen!). This fan is a top seller all the way due to its beautiful style. This design offers a range of bamboo and palm leaf blades to enhance the exotic look. You may also consider the Cairo purple and Sambel sand finish blades that are available. The fanimation ceiling fan is specially designed for rooms with tall ceilings and it utilizes a ball and bracket hanging system to accommodate a ceiling slope of up to 30 degrees.


  • Great visuals:  It operates dual fans on a vertical, rather than a horizontal, rotation and creates a stunning visual aesthetic look. In fact this fan is also a rage with people who do not primarily like to rely on fans for air circulation around the room, YES it’s that good!
  • Great varitey: The options you get when you buy the fan are expansive and nice.
  • Decent illumination: The 100 watt halogen bulb is quite bright and can singlehandedly serve as the primary source of room illumination.


  • Low breeze: The air distribution was not really what could have been done with an otherwise awesome design.
  1. Fanimation Enigma Ceiling Fan

This fan is a revolution in design (pun intended). The design and the psychedelic colors are incredible to say the least and are sure to attract second glances from anyone. Even with all this it still accommodates a 60 inch air sweep and the fan has the capability to move air forward and in reverse, with the reverse switch located on the motor housing and the included remote that allows for light control and 3 fan speeds.


  • Circulates air well: A good design with a good and efficient air circulation.
  • Very Quiet: The fan works very noiselessly and has hardly any hassles.
  • Looks awesome: You could almost swear that you saw this fan on Star Trek! Seriously the fan has menacingly impressive looks; suffice to say if this does not grab attention, nothing will.


  • Expensive: It is an extremely expensive fan which might put off buyers. However do remember that you are getting one hell of a fan for the price that it comes for.
  1. Fanimation Venetian Bronze With Dark Cherry/Teak Blades Bayhill Loreto Bay 5 Blade 52” Ceiling Fan

It is a low ceiling fan and adds some island flair to your home. This collection features reversible dark cherry/teak finish wood blades are rated for dry locations only. It has a hand held reversing remote control to.


  • Simple functionality:  The fan is essentially very simple to use and the instructions are clearly cut.
  • Very attractive: Looks are always positive on any Fanimation ceiling fan and this particular model is no exception to the rule.
  • Lights are included: You are offered three 40 watt bulbs along with the fan.


  • Poor  breeze: It isn’t the breeziest fan available in the market for the price.

Before You Buy

With all said and done you can be rest assured that you will be getting great fan from Fanimation. The company makes incredibly appealing fans keeping the trendy and hip customer in mind. The designs and functions that their fans offer are great for the price they command, however please do note that there are always tradeoffs.

A Famination ceiling fan is beyond doubt a top quality product however they seem to lag behind in the air circulation part. However this is not exactly a deal breaker and you should be able to live with it if you do not want the fastest fan out there. Though their fans could be considered a slightly expensive lot, it is a premium worth paying to secure complete peace of mind with a great fan.