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Flush mounts are an excellent answer to small restricted areas that sometimes can become stuffy such as a narrow hallway or a walk-in closet. As they are attached to the ceiling without a down rod, it is a great source for circulating air without using any additional space. As an additional bonus, choose one that has a lighting option!

These fans are placed completely against the ceiling instead of using a small down rod for hanging. They are manufactured purposely for ceilings 8 feet and lower with blades positioned from the ceiling in the range of 6 to 10 inches instead of the 12 to 14 inches on a standard unit.

These fans are designed to have the base flushed against the ceiling as an alternative to hanging from a downrod. They are easy to find using names like: hugger ceiling fans, low profile fans, and of course flush mount.

If you haven’t given the thought of those home comfort appliances because your digs have low ceilings, then you should try looking for a flush mount ceiling fan. Also known as hugger fans in the market, these devices are installed much nearer to the ceiling than a standard fan. Because of the design, they are perfect for smaller flats, condo units or small restricted areas.

Basic Flush Mount Ceiling Fan Info

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF805SBS Snugger 52-Inch Low Profile Hugger Ceiling Fan, Light Kit Adaptable Flush Mount Ceiling Fans, Ceiling Fan Low Profile in Brushed Steel FinishNeed to conserve energy by means of fans but worried because of limited space and low ceilings? Then a hugger fan will suit that living space best. Flush mount or hugger models supplement the overall design of your home while providing comfortable rushes of air for smaller areas and corners in your digs without hogging plenty of space.

Regardless of its closer proximity to the ceiling, they still operate in the same manner as standard fans and provide similar output and results. These devices are generally 6 to 9 inches starting from the ceiling to warrant safety. Its blades are approximately 8 feet away from the floor to avoid accidents.

A few models have a wall switch or a remote control that can be reversed to give off downward or skyward air circulation by way of the user’s inclinations. This is actually convenient because users are able to pick the coolness or heat level of the area with just one flick of a switch. This means you can use this device all-year round, so it’s really versatile.

Designs for this unit range from traditional to contemporary styles so you won’t have any issues looking for models that will perfectly match your abode. There is a wide variety of styles because there is a big market for it, especially for those who are into interior design.

Hunter Fan Company 53074 Low Profile III Plus 52-Inch Ceiling Fan with Five Walnut:Light Cherry Blades and Light Kit, Antique PewterHomes with a traditional, home-y feel will look good with classic or even antique-style models whole homes with a modernized, hip feel will benefit from a model with minimal, trendy designs.

Traditional styles often showcase materials like brass, opal glass or wood while sleek, contemporary ones often feature stainless steel materials in finishes like silver, white or black.

Several models also include lighting systems, so in case you need a ceiling fan and lights in one, there are models with supplementary illumination included in the whole package. Some models even employ the use of LED technology, which has the capability of improving energy efficiency.

Flush mount ceiling fans are excellent answers for the lack of comforting air throughout a smaller living space or a room with low ceilings. If a particular area has squat ceiling-to-floor height, this particular model is a great choice or substitute for a standard fan.

Small bedrooms, downsized living rooms, dens, corridors and breakfast nooks are examples of places where this kind of model will work best.

Attics and walk-in closets are oftentimes compact with smaller windows so adding a unit in these places will make them a bit more relaxing. On a patio, hugger or flush mount fans supplement the whole joint with loads of style and it also allows free movement of air so you can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere even more.

One thing to remember though is mounted ceiling fans are do not suit big rooms and higher ceilings due to the typical smaller fans. This decreases their usefulness and efficiency drastically as compared with standard models.

Selecting a Great Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Litex CH48BNK3C Caden 48-inch Brushed Nickel Flushmount Ceiling Fan with Three Reversible Black Mahogany Fan Blades, Opal Frosted Glass and Single Light KitFirst, you have to take some factors into consideration prior to buying the best model for your needs. One factor to mull over is the size. You have to measure and understand the blade sweep of the fan, and by doing so, you will be able to find one that is perfect for that particular room in your home.

You can approach sellers and ask them questions about certain models you’re after. You can also look online for in-depth descriptions of models since most brands have their own websites, and on its pages you will see a gallery or list of all models available plus its accompanying descriptions, specifications and even reviews.

As mentioned before, style is also a factor in choosing the perfect fan model. You have to get one that perfectly complements the room. These days there are plenty of styles available so you won’t have any problems looking for one that will suit your home’s interiors.

Hunter 20412 Auberville 1-Light 44-Inch Five-Blade Ceiling Fan with Frosted Globe, Provencal GoldApart from blade sizes and appearances, you’ll also have to think through the amount of air you require it to distribute by going over a model’s air flow efficiency data. In addition, if you need one for your patio, models for outdoor use usually have a UL rating to confirm that it is safe for outdoor use as well as damp locations.

As for the motors, go for models with first-rate motors, sealed bearings (must be lubricated permanently) and tough windings. Quality motors are usually quite to operate, and its perfect for bedrooms or children’s rooms.

Lighting can improve the design of the fan and models with lighting have shades available in a wide range of materials from glass to stone. If you want a more tranquil atmosphere, choose a model with uplighting so the light will bounce off of the top to produce “mood effect” lights as compared with conventional downlighting.

Look for a great warranty for the model’s long life. Several brands provide lifetime warranties on their products while others offer in-home service.

As for installation procedure, mounting the device is easy—all it takes is some basic knowledge and you can do it yourself. Most models include a step-by-step manual as well so you can go over the whole procedure without help from anybody.

Best Three Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

Flush mount fans have many designs to choose from, such as stainless steel, contemporary, white finish, transitional, classic, and wooden and some traditional designs etc. So depending upon the interior décor of the room and design can be selected from the wide range available. Some of the designs also offer lighting option.

  • Hunter Fan Low Profile III 20801

The Hunter Fan 20801 is one of the most gracefully designed flush mount fans.

Has 5 blades made of oak or cherry and is of size 44 inches each.

Has been designed to function efficiently in terms of air circulation.

Integrated with a 19 Watt compact fluorescent bulb for lighting purposes.

It has whisper wind motor that enables it to circulate air while making no disturbing noise. This fan also runs smoothly without vibrating.

  • Hunter Fan 20412 Auberville

Hunter Fan 20412 Auberville is elegant in form and finish and is perfectly designed for small rooms. It’s a fine blend of craftsmanship and modern technology which features five reversible switchblades of cherry or maple each having blade span of 44 inches.

It also boasts brushed nickel finish. This fan is also equipped with high performance motor and is integrated with 120Watt dome light fixture.

  • Hunter Astoria Fan

The Hunter Fan 22460 the Astoria is well suited for medium to large sized room. It has a sleek traditional design to compliment the décor.

Features five maple or cherry reversible blades of 52 inches each with good air movement.

120Watt bowl light fixture and whisper quiet motor is integrated in it for lighting purposes.

Runs smoothly and doesn’t vibrate. It has three speed settings.

Customer reviews usually describe The Astoria as a fan that’s beautiful, smooth and steady. It is quite reliable in terms of power saving. As it comes with brass finish it is resistant to tarnish, scratches, and rust.

Before You Buy

One disadvantage of flush mount fans is their lack of airflow due to the short distance of the blades from the ceiling resulting in prevention of air flow around the blades properly. Thus in order to be effective the flush mount fan must have good quality and design.