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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

Hampton Bay has an extensive array of ceiling fans which come in varying styles, materials and sizes. There is no fan in the brand’s range that will not match your home décor. From rustic, country-style abodes to modern, sleek ones, you will surely find a style that will perfectly fit your requirements.

The company’s range of overhead ventilators are designed with energy conservation in mind. Majority of its units include the Energy Star emblem. They also have units built with their trademark PowerPlus motors which claims durability and long-term use.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans: A Brief Overview

Hampton Bay products are manufactured solely for Home Depot. You will find that in each and every Home Depot branch, you’ll see aisle upon aisle of units manufactured under the brand. You will get to see and inspect directly how fully-functional and well-made the fans are.

They offer traditional designs ranging from neutral-colored fans that will suit commercial complexes and apartments with minimal designs and elegant, transitional styles if you want to add more statement. These transitional designs come in a range of finishes like antique copper, bronze and pewter.

Now if you are into the whole antique, Old World style, the brand also has products with a contemporary feel to it. The fans are designed with an old-fashioned touch but still retains a slick, up-to-date edge to keep up with the trends.

Lastly, styles meant for the outdoors have joined the fray, and they are sturdy enough for open-air use. The fans are provided with weather-resistant, sealed blades and motors that will suit any scheme and give off long-lasting performance.

Several units also include lighting assemblies, so if you want illumination plus good breeze, you can install them together with the fan.

The brand was also lauded for its launch of the so-called Gossamer Wind Blade design which employs the use of blades formed from hard-wearing plastic. The entire ensemble gives off effective and capable air circulation so you can cut back spending on electricity.

Another innovation that the brand has accomplished was its line of ceiling fans with a Quick-Connect system. This system is helpful for fast and straightforward installation of the unit since the motor housing is already put together. The blades of the unit will just slip right in and lock themselves withoyt any hassles at all.

Why You Should Consider Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

The brand’s line of ceiling fans are known to offer great performance that won’t put a dent on your wallet. The company’s products are magnificently affordable, with several units even lower than $50. They are products for those who need lasting models but could not afford any of those high-end ones.

Their fans include many remote control options on hand, which includes hand-held remotes and a wall-mounted model. The advanced units can be regulated by means of a thermostat so the fan can mechanically boost or lessen speeds, determined by the room temperature. They also feature models with full-scale dimmers.

Fans also include sizable ball bearings which are sealed inside the brand’s Powerplus motor housing so it does not need to be greased on a regular basis. Each and every blade and hardware present on its system are well-balanced to uphold noiseless, movement-free operations.

Customers can also customize their models by means of the brand’s extensive range of light kits which includes 3, 4, or 5-inch bulb kits, shades and globes. Their products are built for folks who are into the whole do-it-yourself ethic so the units’ Quick Connect installation method makes mounting the device a simple and straightforward task, even for beginners.

Last but not least, the models are provided with a lifetime warranty on every component, which includes the motor.

Reasons for Buying a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan:

Concerned about your electric bill and trying to find ways of cutting it down? Whether it is summer or winter one option might be installing a couple of Hampton Bay ceiling fans in rooms that you frequent most often. Believe it or not a ceiling fan not only keeps your house cool during the warm seasonal months, but it can circulate heat throughout as well when “the weather outside is frightful.

More people by far believe these ceiling fans are up-to-the-minute with their available colors, designs and even finishes such as bronze, pewter, brushed nickel and antique copper.

The Hampton Bay ceiling fans collection also contain ceiling fan light kits with various styles including nautical, tropical, contemporary, antique and rustic. And for anyone who has an irregular sized room, there are always smaller fans that flush against your ceiling, yet still giving off a high degree of cooling.

There are so many accessories that are able to be affixed to any of your Hampton Bay fans, making them unique enough to call them your own. Check out the ceiling fans with the timer options as well as the ones that have a built in thermostat for the energy conscious public.

And for the ones that are not energetic, they offer remote controls with high, medium and low speeds, and…with a normal and reverse mode.

Great Features

  • Quick Connect Installation System:

It comes in a large variety of different designs and styles. It has the capacity to blend with any room thus it subtly highlights the room’s style. Most of the buyers must be aware of the introduction of the quick connect installation that has been introduced by this company. With this introduction, installing a fan is no more an errand. 
It offers an easy-to-follow procedure that can help any novice user to accomplish setting up in few minutes using very few tools. Professionals installing your fan will cost you dear but now with this special feature you can save your money. This is perhaps one of the advantages that people have opted for Hampton fans.

  • Highly Efficient Blades:

The concept of its blades has been manufactured using Gossamer Wind Technology. The efficiency of a fan lies in its blades and these fans have five highly efficient blades that efficiently maximize the flow of air in the room thus giving maximum domino effect. It not only keeps your house cool in the warm months but can also dispense warmth equally when the weather is cold.

  • Energy Conservation:

With the increase of electricity consumption and its charges, most of the people have started considering on fans that has less electricity consumption. Most of the Hampton ceiling fans are rated with an Energy Star which means less electricity consumption and less electricity charge.

  • Special Features:

You can also give a complete look to your Hampton Bay by adding different accessories that are available. In addition, it also has a remote control with timer on and off option and three different speeds along with a reverse and a normal mode.

Hampton Bay and Their Bestselling Ceiling Fans

Listed below are three of the company’s most sought after models:

  • The Carrolton

The Carrolton 52-inch model features 5 reversible maple and mahogany blades and comes in a brushed nickel finish. The design is adaptable and contemporary enough that it will complement a wide variety of home designs. It includes wall control, a 160-RPM motor and has an airflow rate of 4796 CFM.

The model includes a 3-light kit with frosted glass shades, angle mount hardware and a downrod. It can accommodate bigger rooms up to 20 ft. x 20 ft. It can be mounted with or without the light kit. The unit also includes a lifetime motor warranty.

  • The Stylique

The Stylique is a 3-bladed, 52-inch fan that falls into the modern category. Its exceptional blade arms gives an overall unique feel to the whole set-up. It also includes a coupling cover and an ornamental canopy ring which functions as some sort of case to camouflage visible screws.

The model also has a hand-held remote control with light and speed control and an accompanying battery. It’s meant for interior use only. In addition, the unit includes a dome style light kit with frosted glass, angle mount hardware and a downrod.

It has airflow of 4277 CFM and its 172 mm x 17 mm motor provides plenty of air movement. The unit can accommodate rooms up to 14 ft. x 14 ft. and includes a lifetime motor warranty as well.

  • The Antigua

This is a 56-inch model with 5 blades and an exquisite oil-rubbed bronze finish, perfect for those who are into Old World and country styles. The hand-carved medium-cherry feather wood blades can act as an accent piece alone while the model’s hand-painted alabaster light adds a sculptural quality to the entire ensemble.

The unit has a 3-speed with reversible control feature and is slated for interior use only. It is appropriate for bigger rooms up to 20 ft. x 20 ft. It requires tri-mount installation and offers an airflow rate of up to 5,283 CFM.

It includes angle mount hardware, downrod and the light kit and comes with a lifetime motor warranty.

Before You Buy

Hampton Bay ceiling fans come with a lifetime warranty. And because they are a Home Depot brand, Home Depot will honor the warranty. It is as simple as locating the nearest store to return and/or replace any ceiling fan under a warranty.

With these trendy fans, livening up your rooms can be surprisingly easy to achieve. All you need to do is to get it installed depending on the type of design that you are trying to achieve. It also offers a lifetime warranty and with sufficient spare parts freely available, repairing and replacing can very simple and easy if you want it done on your own.