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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

It’s seldom to see a house without at least one ceiling fan. In fact, most homeowners find it necessary to have a ceiling fan both for aesthetic and functional reasons. Being a common appliance for every home, ceiling fan manufacturers have sprouted over the years with each one giving consumers different and unique features on their product.

 Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans: A Brief Overview

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are manufactured by the Litex Industries. Litex is a company known for its highly innovative designs and engineering.

Litex Industries was founded in 1980 as an importer of lighting fixtures and ceiling fans. Their products range from the traditional to the more contemporary style. They have some of the world’s state-of-the-art manufacturing machineries and distribution facilities which had helped them earn a respectable top spot in the industry.

The company owns an expansive 290,000 square foot warehouse situated in Dallas, Texas. It is in this area where they house their network of facilities that allowing them to seamlessly go through the process of conception of their design to production.

Litex delivers their high-quality products such as Harbor ceiling fans and other lighting fixtures to its contractors, regional home centers, national home showrooms and wholesale centers. Litex over the years has successfully combined superior quality control, exemplary customer service and in-depth experience living up to their promise “Engineered for Excellence”.

On the other hand, Lowe is the exclusive distributor of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. Each fan is carefully handcrafted using only high quality materials. The designs may vary from the traditional and elegant designs to the more contemporary and modern ones.

On top of those, the ceiling fans are backed up by Lowe’s 100% money back guarantee. That alone makes you confident that what they offer you is a sure quality. Moreover, given the reputable name of Litex you can be sure that when you purchase your Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, you won’t only be given facts about the brand but also advices you might need when installing and using your ceiling fans.

Why You Should Consider Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are more than just fans that eases out the heat in your home. It has a lot of good features that made it earn a reputable number of avid customers all around the world.

If you are thinking about buying a ceiling fan, here are some good reasons why you should consider buying Harbor Breeze ceiling fans:

  • Harbor Breeze ceiling fans have 4-speed fan control system that can work with new installations or can be a mix-up with other ceiling fans.
  • The design is pretty simple and can just go along with the room’s overall aesthetics. Most of its design and color come in white or brass finishing.
  • It is an energy saver. One of the good reasons why you should buy a Harbor ceiling fan is its energy efficiency. As compared to air coolers, this ceiling fan only consumes and requires minimal electricity thereby greatly reducing your monthly electricity consumption.
  • Habor ceiling fans come in with lifetime warranties.
  • It also comes in with several accessories that is of great use not only to compliment the ceiling fan but also with other existing fans.

Reasons for Buying Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans:

When you think of a ceiling fan there are numerous reasons for thinking of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans.

Reason number one and high on everyone’s list is how great these fans prices really are.

When searching you will find there are a lot of ceiling fans priced slightly above your budget but not so with these fans. And if you are like most people these days, purchasing a ceiling fan, money is a major factor.

Quality is reason number two. Being sensibly priced does not mean that these fans are not constructed with excellence in mind. Nothing could be further from the truth.  So when you buy one and bring it home and hang it, you can feel confident that you have just acquired a high quality and superiorly manufactured ceiling fan.

Then there is reason number three, all the wonderful assorted model choices that accommodates everyone’s tastes. Plus, these fans can meet your needs regardless of what size room is being considered. Let’s face it – bringing home any one of these fine ceiling fans to accent the rooms in your house can be compared to putting a cherry on top of your ice cream sundae.  Perfecto!

Reason number four for choosing these stylish ceiling fans – all the great features that are available to you. Such as ceiling fans with an Energy Star label or perhaps you’re looking for a ceiling fan with lights – they have those too.

And for those too weary to flip a switch or pull a cord, there are remote control ceiling fans. Whatever up-to-date features you want these ceiling fans are sure to have them.

And, as far as features go, they are numerous. One in particular is uplights. Another is that they provide ceiling fans for indoor and outdoors. Still another is that Harbor Breeze ceiling fans offer a four speed fan with remote control availability. And let’s not forget the Energy Star labels.

Harbor Breeze Features

One thing I have noticed about these fans is that, they have some remarkable features.

  • Unlike other fans which are generally expensive, the price of Harbor breeze fans is very reasonable. Anyone can easily afford it without spending much on their budget.
  • Some of these fans come with remote control, some with uplights and some with energy star label.
  • Have varieties of designs and models that will complement with any home décor

Before owning harbor breeze ceiling fans, my initial reaction was skeptical. I thought the quality of the fans might not mark up to my expectations as they are reasonably priced. But believe me! I was wrong.

In fact, these fans are of a high quality. Also, when I learned that harbor breeze offers a variety of sizes, I was thrilled. This was because; I can now have the right ceiling fans that are needed for the big as well as the small rooms. No doubt! Harbor breeze has won my heart.

Harbor Breeze and Their Bestselling Ceiling Fans

There are a lot of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans models being sold out there wherein one of those might just fit in with your personal preferences. However, there are Harbor models that are just saleable and more preferred by the consumers.

So, if you are already eyeing on the Harbor Breeze line and you are just undecided on which model will you go for, here’s the line’s top three models to help you get started:

  • Harbor Breeze Slinger Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote Control

It is a contemporary style Habor ceiling fan spanning 72 inches in diameter. It comes in with frosted glass light kit. Its remote control has these features: 6-speed option, seasonal reverse and light control button. The blades have cocoa finish.

This ceiling fan had been one of the most liked fan from Harbor Breeze not only because of its durability and contemporary design but also because it is really quiet, the parts may seemed to be hard to assemble but it actually is the friendliest to put together and on top of it all, it can be hanged as high as 21 inches.

  • Harbor Breeze Merrimack Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote Control

If you’re looking for a fan that is fitted for a large room, then this one from Harbor Breeze might just serves you right. It has 5 weatherproof blades in a java finish and an overall antique bronze color making it look like the olden times. On its center is a globe-styled light kit with seeded glass shade allowing it to give enough amount of light. The package also includes a handheld remote control.

Most of its buyers find the Merrimack model to be a great ceiling fan for the outdoors. They especially liked it because it is easy to assemble, good looking and really gives off cool breeze not to mention its durability though the sound from its motor tends to be a bit loud.

  • Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote Control

This blade comes in with 5 reversible blades that have russet and nutmeg finish on each side so you don’t have to buy new blades if you decide to change your room’s theme. The blades and base is oil-rubbed finished so that it gives off a polished look. On the center is its light kit encased with alabaster glass shade giving the fan a soft glow.

With its 52-inch diameter, this fan is a good choice for large rooms. It has 3-speed reversible AC motor allowing it to provide maximum airflow. A remote control has also been added to the package so it will be easy for the user to change the temperature and light settings even when they’re just seated.

Buyers find this fan from Harbor Breeze to be a good buy. It is durable, easy to assemble, really makes cool breeze and runs smoothly.

Before You Buy

There you have it. Harbor Breeze ceiling fans offer you price, quality, choices in model and size, and all the extra features that are enjoyable to you.  And think of all the lovely features that come with these fans. Your home can now have a stylish decor and you can also easily beat the heat of the sun through these fans.  So, why not kill two birds with one stone?

So when your eyes wander to the ceiling and your thoughts begin to contemplate a ceiling fan, head on down to your local Lowe’s store and grab one of the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans finest!