What Are Hugger Ceiling Fans

While there are a lot of short people in this world, there are just as many tall. And…while there are a lot of cathedral ceilings, there are just as many rooms in a house that are not. Everything in a home is not always created equal. Meaning?

There are so many taller people who have foregone purchasing a ceiling fan due to the height of their ceiling when it is not necessary. With a little investigation they would have discovered the world of low profile ceiling fans.

So exactly what are these fans? A hugger ceiling fan is built to provide more freedom from the fan to the floor by shortening the distance between ceiling and fan blades. The majority of these types of fans will have approximately eight inches between the ceiling and the fan base. This is why they are described as hugger fans - they “hug” the ceiling.

Most of these ceiling fans have no center rod and the base is mounted on the ceiling, placing the fan blades higher up allowing more area space in the room. However if so desired, you can purchase one with a metal rod that is smaller than normal providing an adjustment option depending upon your preference of distance from ceiling to the floor.

A few prominent manufacturers are Emerson, Hunter, Monte Carlo and Westinghouse.

Best Three Hugger Fans

Hugger fans are beautifully designed to style your room and add zing to its décor. These fans have the feature that enables them to rotate both ways: clockwise and counter- clockwise direction. This increases its utility since in summer counter-clock wise rotation is adopted for fast and vigorous air movement and during winter clockwise rotation is preferred as the air will circulate a lot and bring in warm air inside the house.

Some other designer features include lighting that add glamour to it and brings in a new look and feel. Pocket wise too, these fans have an edge over the others as they are economical and power saving.

1. Hunter White Beaufort

Hunter White Beaufort is one of the most elegantly designed Hugger fans.

Hunter Fan Beaufort Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • Has rich traditional styling and a unique white finish that adds grace to it.

  • Has 5 white plastic reversible blades of size 52 inches each. 

  • Features stainless steel hardware.

  • Wobble free canopy guarantees perfect balance and has three position mounting system.

  • Integrated with high performance motor that enables in its whisper quiet operation.

    It has three speed settings. This fan also has pull chain control system in it and a lifetime warranty plus a guaranteed energy saving feature.

    2. Hunter Sand Dollar

    Hunter 82003 Sand Dollar Bathroom Fan with Light, Brushed Nickel

    Hunter 82003 Sand Dollar is the perfect choice for bathroom hugger fans. Made from blown, textured and frosted glass, Sand dollar has quite a unique shape. Though it is simple yet it is not boring.  As it is not designed in a complex manner it is relatively easy to clean and re-lamp.

    They are also easy to install. It is also suitable for medium sized rooms. It is fitted with 60 watt bulbs. They have quite high performance motors that provides swift air movement along with style and comfort. It also helps in venting off water moisture, chemicals, gases, etc.

    3. Hunter Wellesley Fan

    Hunter Wellesley Fan is yet another hugger fan with elegant design and plenty of features.

    Hunter Wellesley Fan
  • It has traditional look about itself. Satin white in color it is made of frosted glass.

  • Fir for medium sized rooms.

  • Can be used as bathroom fan as it too can vent off moisture, chemicals and gases with the help of its highly efficient and high performance motor.

  • It has built-in lighting feature that provides illumination for the room.

  • Before You Buy

    An area that once was scarce-to-none in the fan market is now saturated with designs that are stylish and sophisticated and provide bold, beautiful colors.

    However, one item that does need to be taken in consideration is that unless it is constructed properly, they will not be as effectual compared to standard ceiling fans due to the fact that the air circulation will be slower. Buying a better built ceiling fan will take the pressure off of this concern.

    To say the least, installing these ceiling fans in the kitchen, the bathroom, the den and even in your bedroom, will be a blessing in offering that additional comfort that no one, regardless of room height, should have to sacrifice.