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Hunter Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are great cooling systems you can use in any part of your home. Though it doesn’t guarantee that it can totally eliminate the warm temperature like what air conditioning units can do, it does a great job in decreasing it to a certain degree where you can be comfortable.

When it comes to ceiling fans, there probably is no better name that one can associate it with than the Hunter brand. This company has been around for more than a century now and still continues to produce durable, flexible and well-designed ceiling fans.

Hunter Company: A Brief Overview

Hunter Company is the oldest and largest ceiling fan manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1886, it first started off as water motors and meters manufacturer to which they later on ventured into the production of belt-driven fans. Even before then, Hunter has already made a good name in the industry, something that they have always been living up to this day.

Over the years, Hunter Fan Company has always kept their vision. Even with the acclamations and achievements they have had for over 128 years of operation, they still strive to produce the best ceiling fan in the market. They continuously make ways to hone it incorporating the latest technologies and styles because to them, ceiling fans are not merely an appliance – it’s a piece of art with a function.

Why You Should Consider Hunter Ceiling Fans

A good reputation and years of production doesn’t always guarantee a sweet spot in the industry all the time. There will always be competition. Everyone in the industry will also try to make the best outdoor ceiling fans.

However, as tough as the ceiling fan industry may be Hunter Fan Company had played their cards well making their outdoor ceiling fans one of the best-selling in the market.

Hunter Fan Company is best known among many of its consumers as an energy saver fixture. This company ensures that all of its consumers won’t have to pay for more electrical bills with their roster of outdoor ceiling fans. They made use of the right motor for each of their ceiling fans so that it will not only be budget-friendly but also eco-friendly and energy saving.

In line with their promise, Hunter Fan Company only produces and markets ceiling fans that are of good quality and great design.

Over the years, they have come to adapt the different trends in the market and they mastered it so well. They assure its fans and consumers that there is always an outdoor ceiling fan meant for their specific taste.

With a century of manufacturing experience, there is no doubt that the Hunter Fan Company sure makes highly durable outdoor ceiling fans. In fact, one of the very reasons why this company has stayed so long in this industry is because of its durable and heavy duty ceiling fans that are only built to last for very long.

Installing a Hunter ceiling fan won’t take much of your time and effort as you would with other brands. You can actually have it installed in any type of roof regardless of how slant it may be. The structure of most Hunter ceiling fans for outdoors no longer has bases that are attached to the ceiling because rods are being used in replacement. This gives the fan in a good position to be hanged anywhere and at any angle.

If you want to save money, then the prices of Hunter outdoor ceiling fans is something you will surely appreciate. Don’t worry about quality because Hunter is and has always been a manufacturer of quality products.

Hunter is a trusted brand when it comes to fans, and outdoor ceiling fans in particular. They are always one of the top choices when consumers are out in the market looking to buy a fan.

Reason to Buy a Hunter outdoor ceiling fan:

Your patio isn’t complete until you’ve added one essential item.  Hunter outdoor ceiling fans are the perfect finishing touch to your beautiful outdoor retreat.  They provide quiet operation, air circulation, and, of course, classic good looks.

The Hunter brand has been alive for decades and the company has been known for its beautiful and reliable products.  Only Hunter offers a Quiet for Life guarantee, meaning every Hunter fan runs quietly in the background instead of wobbling and creating unwanted noise.   With lifetime motor warranties and rust-free warranties, you can be assured that your outdoor fan will last for years.  These fans are damp rated; and, most are suitable for use in even uncovered spaces, making design possibilities nearly limitless.

These fans are specifically designed to withstand most outdoor weather.  Its blades are made from weather resistant plastic, factor sealed motors, corrosion and UV protected finishes and stainless steel tarnish resistant hardware.

One of the most basic models is the Sea Air.  Don’t let its traditional design fool you.  This fan includes 52” white plastic blades and three-position mounting, which means it is a very flexible option.  With three speeds and airflow of 5498 cubic feet per minute, this fan will keep you cool on those hot summer nights.

You should also check out the Hunter Chart House ceiling fan too which features:

  • Has four finishes and fan comes in black, white, new bronze, and weathered bronze.
  • The fan comes with Teak, Rattan Bamboo or White Breadboard blades that have a 16-degree blade pitch.
  • Has a 3-speed pull chain with a gorgeous traditional look to it.

This outdoor ceiling fan is more expensive than oasis ceiling fan, however it offers a nice breeze without any undesirable sound.

Hunter Fan Company And Their Best Selling Ceiling Fans

Below are the top three best-selling fans manufactured by the Hunter Fan Company that buyers recommend: 

  • Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Single Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan from Hunter Company is a best-seller. It can be attributed to the company’s years of good reputation, casual and clean styling, advanced technology and affordable pricing.

There is unison among the happy consumers of this Hunter Fan when it comes to its function because it does really move a lot of air, just the kind they would need especially during hot and warm season. They also like the fact that this fan works quietly, it is easy to install and really nice looking. It can go well with other furniture in their patio.

  • Hunter Fan Company 54095 Caribbean Breeze Ceiling Fan

Installing this ceiling fan wouldn’t be too bothersome for you as it can be done by any person with no to little knowledge on installing ceiling fans. Its 54-inch blades are finished with weathered bronze to give it off a tropical ambiance.

This fan is great for large rooms and the outdoors. Consumers especially loved its ultra silent ability as well as its no wobbling feature. In addition, it circulates air effectively with three speed settings to choose from.

  • Hunter 54098 Bayview Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan from Hunter is the perfect choice for covered patios and porches. The overall design of this ceiling fan makes it an ideal focal point for your outdoor living area making it more relaxing and entertaining.

Hunter guarantees that this ceiling fan is built to last and will be your reliable breezing partner for all seasons. Moreover it is ENERGY STAR certified, so you are assured that this fan provides maximum performance and at the same time energy efficient.

Consumers are very pleased with how this fan looks and works. Its design works well on their outdoor spaces, making it look more elegant. The built were perfectly fitted. Installation is really savvy, instructions are easy to follow.

When it comes to performs consumers say that it really doesn’t wobble regardless of the speed. It is ultra quiet and really moves a substantial amount of air.

Before You Buy

With a wide array of colors, shapes, and styles, Hunter outdoor ceiling fans offer something for anyone.  Whether your taste runs to the traditional or the contemporary, you’re sure to find a reliable, quiet, and stunning fan for your outdoor living space.

People will definitely love the Hunter products because of their benefits and usefulness.  Individuals buying Hunter products are greatly assured that the product they are buying are worth their money.  If you are still having second thoughts on trying/buying Hunter outdoor ceiling fan, then better not dwell on it for too long.  Hunter outdoor ceiling fans are the proven leader in outdoor ceiling fan and this type of ceiling fan have already earned their reputation and have already proven something.