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These days kids ceiling fans brings out the urge to be a child again.  From nursery on up to teens, these fans have become hot bedroom items as they offer a fantastic opportunity by way of decorating as well as adding spirit and individuality to their room.

While they might be the latest thing in accenting and creating a statement these fans are productive toward saving money on both cooling and heating your child’s room and least we not forget – are fairly inexpensive to purchase.

So regardless of what age range anyone’s currently shopping for; be it newborn, toddler, early teen or getting-ready-to-go-out-the-door teen, there are ceiling fans available for them all.

There are so many types and styles for these cute fans in the nursery, such as a balloon or polka dots. Or even perhaps hearts or butterflies ceiling fans.  Pick a theme, pick a color then pick from the many kids ceiling fans available for your precious one.

The kids’ comfort is always of serious concern for parents, and a ceiling fan mounted inside their bedrooms or the nursery is a good idea to keep them cool or toasty. Discussed down below are some vital information on ceiling fans that will suit your children’s rooms.

Hunter Dreamland 44-in White and Pink Kids Downrod or Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Light Kit - Girls BedroomChoosing the Right Kids Ceiling Fan

Kids need a space that they will feel comfortable right in, something that they can call their own so in order to achieve this, make sure that you go for designs and colors that they will love.

Get them in on the fun of decorating and take them with you while shopping for lamps and other fixtures that mirrors their personalities. Children often go for fresh designs with bright colors, and thankfully there are ceiling fans that go with this kind of motif.

Other than the design aspect, parents also take into consideration other factors when ornamenting their children’s spaces. A lot of parents concentrate on the multiple safety features that should be considered to guarantee that the bedroom will be a safe haven to play, study, sleep and focus on their hobbies or interests.

Boys bedroom ceiling fanBut beyond all this, it’s also crucial not to take away fun elements that will make the bedrooms a pleasant and entertaining area to hang around.

Plenty of folks choose beds, beddings, wallpapers, work tables and toy boxes with colorful themes. A ceiling fan with the same design elements will undoubtedly up the fun aspect of the entire room, and it will also act as a conversation piece between the young ones and their friends.

There are many ceiling fans with patterns and motifs that brings out your kids’ favorite hobbies, TV shows, colors and sports. Here are a few design suggestions that you can recommend to your kids and you can work the ceiling fan around their desired theme.

  • BL Modern European style Windmill kids room bedroom ceiling light lamps in children boys and girls cartoon creative LED white light lamp lighting 520mm height 200mm Ceiling LampRainbow-colored ceiling fans

This is for the kid whose imagination takes him or her to the depths of the sea or sky, with the technicolor fishes, fluffy white clouds, rainbow arcs and tales of, angels, fairies and mermaids.

The designs are usually done in soft, watercolor-style shades in rainbow colors. This will go with a room featuring a nautical or sky theme.

Another possibility is multicolored ceiling fans or ceiling fans with multicolored lights. These looks great in many children’s bedrooms and they will love the design and look of them when they have to go to bed.

  • Airplane ceiling fans

Craftmade WB448GG4, Warplanes Glamorous Glen Flush Mount Kids 48%22 Ceiling Fan with LightBoys and girls who are smitten with flight, blue skies and soaring airplanes will surely get a kick out of this particular design. The airplane ceiling fan models includes blades shaped like airplane propellers and a mount that looks like the genuine thing.

Some models include lights while some do not have one so if you’re going for the latter, you might take into account buying a separate lamp related to the theme.

  • Hunter Space Discovery 48 in. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Earth Light & Moon BladesOuter space ceiling fans

Fans of extraterrestrial creatures, galaxies from far, far away and the heavenly bodies will surely appreciate the looks (and comfort) of a ceiling fan designed with the outer space in mind.

Or just the design of the earth from the sky would already create a fantastic story for many boy’s bedrooms.

  • Flower petal ceiling fans

For the flower girls, this design will bring utmost delight. The blades are designed and made to resemble flower petals and they come in a range of colors from soft pastels down to brights like red and violet.

Several models even feature see-through blades for added allure. With this kind of design, the downlight is often built to act as the center of the flower and on some models, the downlight is also accompanied by additional lights.

  • Hunter 23252 Baseball 44-Inch Single Light 4-Blade Ceiling Fan, Leather-Look Mitt Base with 4 Pine:Aluminum Blades and Baseball LightBaseball and Basketball ceiling fans

Sporty guys and girls who love the game will likely gush over how awesome this design looks on their sports-themed bedrooms. Several models with this particular motif often include a baseball and basketball-styled motor, lights and even a hoop and scoreboard.

  • Gossamer wing ceiling fans

For the girl who loves her faeries, woodlands and mythological creatures, fans with a gossamer wing motif are appealing. The blades usually come with a motif of dragonflies, butterflies and other flying insects on them and usually has a pastel color theme.

Several models’ blades are also reversible; a handy feature for parents who don’t want to buy another ceiling fan once their kid outgrows the design.

  • Parrot Uncle Ceiling Fan with 3Tiffany Amber Glass Shade Lights Pull ChainPinwheel ceiling fan

For parents who don’t want a gender-specific model but won’t cut down on the fun factor, give the pinwheel model a shot. This ceiling fan features blades in different colors like blue, green, orange or yellow.

Models with this motif come with or without lights but for those who prefer the latter, you might have to purchase another lighting fixture that’s compatible with the design to comply with the theme.

How to Choose a Kids Ceiling Fan

Craftmade BL52W, Bloom White Kids 52%22 Ceiling Fan w: Light, Remote Control & BBL52-PNK BladesWhile choosing kid’s ceiling fans, always take into consideration the “Favorites” of your child. Some kids love cartoon characters (Disney, Marvel etc), while some love sports etc. So it is essential that you need to choose those fans which have their favorite characters. Also, it is important that you need to select the right fan size for the room. If the ceiling fan is too big, the quality of airflow in the room will be affected. And when the fan is too small, the airflow will hardly be felt. So always opt for the right size.

Kids ceiling fans are not only reasonably priced but they can easily fit in with any of the room decorating ideas. Kids usually love the idea of having a fan that will match to their room décor. So, if you want to achieve in your mission of giving a fun look to your kid’s room, then you can check out some of these ceiling fans that will fit in well with the room.

Craftmade WB348TS 48-Inch 3-Blade Warplane Ceiling Fan with Integrated Light Kit, Tiger SharkFor younger boys, there are a variety of fans with cartoon characters and superheroes. If he is a little bit older there are airplanes and rockets, baseball, football, soccer or skateboarding.

The older more “cool” teens have camouflage or there are some really neat fans that have awesome designs that will pop out underneath a black light.

For girls? There are pretty petite flowers or ballerinas or even a perfectly fashionable pink fan. The blades come with a reversible option and for an extra special touch it has three candelabra bulbs to let your little princess feel even more so.

Ceiling fans are a great way to curb your energy costs and at the same time, benefit from the comfort they bring. It saves energy by preventing your air conditioner and even heater from working itself too hard during the hot and cold seasons of the year.

Best Three Kids Ceiling Fans

  • Hunter Propeller Kids Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fan Company 59031 Fantasy Flyer 48-Inch Blue Ceiling Fan with Three Gray BladesHunter takes pride in designing this attractive propeller ceiling fan which is specially meant for little boys.

This fan gives a special atmosphere of fun and excitement when looked up in the ceiling. It is in a propeller style with three gray blades extending from the body giving a shape of a plane. You can get this unique design fan at a reasonable price.

This toy like airplane fan has a high quality motor which makes it efficient. It comes in three different speed levels which can be controlled with the help of a pull chain.

  • Hunter Dreamland Ceiling Fan – Pink Finish

Hunter Dreamland 44-in White and Pink Kids Downrod or Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Light KitHunter also presents a pink Dreamland ceiling fans which is specially designed for girls.

It comes with 5 pink blades and is ideal for floral room decors. These fans give a complete touch to the room thus, creating an atmosphere of paradise for the little girls.

Dreamland Ceiling Fan has butterfly blade irons which can perform the reversed function. In order to give a pretty and a girly look to these fans, Hunter has come up with an incredible idea of placing three candelabra bulbs in it.

This will make your little daughter feel all the more special. One interesting feature is the lifetime warranty that comes with this fan. What’s more? You can get this beautiful fan at a reasonable price.

  • Monte Carlo Balloon and yellow, orange, red, blue blades

Monte Carlo Balloon and yellow, orange, red, blue blades kids ceiling fanMonte Carlo has come up with an attractive ceiling fan which can catch the attention of the child.

The fan is designed in a balloon like shape which creates excitement and hype amongst the young kids. These fans have four colorful blades and each blade has a different color of yellow, orange, red and blue.

Since the balloon ceiling fan has all the important colors, it can easily fit in with any kid’s room and will also blend well with any room color.

These fans can be used both in low-ceiling rooms as well as in high- ceiling rooms. One remarkable feature about Monte Carlo Balloon is the globe light kit which is usually placed in the center. This gives a complete look to its thematic designs.

Before You Buy

If you are looking for something different and way out there try Neon fans or perhaps a ceiling fan with moons and stars to gaze upon as they drift off into slumber land.

With a countless assortment of kids ceiling fans available it will be a snap to find one to suit your child’s whims  and as for the younger ones – they might actually ask to go to bed at night…ok, maybe not.

So whenever anyone says that kids ceiling fans are really cool they might not just be talking about air circulation.

With these awesome fans, I’m sure no kids will feel dissatisfied nor remain discontented. Kids ceiling fans are not only cost effective but also energy efficient. This is one of the best ways to make your child happy.