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Litex Ceiling Fans

If you want to save up on energy bills, buying a ceiling fan from a company like Litex is a great way to do this because of the device’s capacity to shift air all over your living space. Majority of fans from the brand can cause a surge in efficiency during the cold and hot months by transporting cool and temperate air where it is required.

Ceiling fans from the Litex are energy efficient and built with a variety of modern styles. They implement the use of both a conventional power switch and a remote control so their line of fans are deemed as first-rate products.

Litex: A Brief Overview

The Litex Industries concentrates in the design, manufacture and retail of lighting and ventilation products for the home. Its beginnings can be traced in the year 1980, the year the company was established and these days the company is one of the largest in the home décor industry.

Its main office is located in Texas and it currently owns a sizable 290,000 sq. ft warehouse. Litex sells a variety of products like custom-built lighting, ceiling fans and a lot more. The company also provides a huge selection of energy efficient lightbulbs. The company offers a lot of extras like free consultations, custom-designed lighting devices and discounts.

Why You Should Consider Litex Ceiling Fans

Choosing a ceiling fan from the company is a no-brainer actually, because the brand offers a wide array of highquality models. The company is known for its capacity to meld excellent, modern designs with functionality and is considered by many as a pioneer in the home décor industry.

Local home improvement stores stock up various models from the brand. But you can also find one online if your nearest home décor shop ran out of its choice units. From a product’s conception to its eventual manufacture, the company guarantees its quality and excellent result.

Both the ceiling fans and its parts are manufactured with both traditional and the latest methods, and its styles cover all ranges, be it conventional, chic or modern. The brand does not shy away from the old but it employs all touches of the sleek and the contemporary in their products, thereby always innovating in terms of designs and energy-saving solutions.

Each ceiling fan component, from the blades, the motor and down to its iron rod contributes to the functionality of the unit. Every part has a role to play, so the company makes sure that each part is given the best materials and methods to provide the best performance. However, if a certain component has to be replaced, the company has a corresponding, equally first-rate replacement for it so you won’t have to buy another fan.

Its parts are built from high-quality, durable materials which makes them different from rival units. They can be had in different styles, designs, shapes, colors, forms and finishes so it will suit your living space’s interiors.

In addition, components of this particular unit are workable and cost-effective at the same time. Users of this device can save up if a certain part dies out since they won’t have to purchase another fan. Another reason why you should consider this company’s products is its warranty coverage. It’s longer as compared with similar rival brands.

The unit’s components are durable and it is guaranteed to last a long time to provide users a great operation. Several models also come with reversible blades to add flexibility in your home’s interiors. Furthermore, more than a few also include a lighting kit to provide illumination when needed.

Reason to Buy a Litex ceiling fan:

Over 35 years ago Litex Industries was established as a ceiling fan/light fixture importer.  Widely known for combining exciting designs with everyday practicality, Litex is still known as an industry pioneer. From the beginning of conception to final product, be it sleek and fashionable or old time traditionalism, their products personify their zeal.

Both light fixtures and ceiling fans extend from the conventional to the unique depths of their inventive imagination…always pushing the envelope to be ground-breaking in design as well as in solutions to save energy.

Litex manufactures the Ellington collection which is regarded to be the cream of the crop in the market. Ellington offers an abundance of ceiling fans such as traditional fans with unpretentious elegance, or classics with festive colors and uniquely shaped blades, and even modern ceiling fans that utilize finishes topped with metal for a sleek, up-market style.

Another product line developed by Litex is Harbor Breeze. Harbor Breeze fans offer a variety of styles with a wide range on prices. With many designs, color choices and models there is an endless array to choose from.  Also many bear the Energy Star stamp of approval which states that in energy efficiency – it’s the tops!

For enclosed patios and porches they offer outdoor all-weather ceiling fans. Under the lineage of Ellington, Litex ceiling fans has produced some amazing products!

Features of Litex Ceiling Fans

Quality is what distinguishes Litex ceiling fans from the others, aside from having unique styles. They are designed and made to last longer. The majority of Litex ceiling fans also come with longer warranty coverage. Consumers are provided several options to choose from when it comes to the various colors, shapes of the product, and designs of litex ceiling fans.

Litex ceiling fans also include lights making them even more pleasing to the eyes. Another great feature of litex ceiling fans is that they also market supply of replacement parts, which people will find more practical and economical.

If the litex ceiling fan is having a problem because of a defective part, the owner can just avail a replacement part to replace the defective one instead of purchasing a whole new fan. In this way, the consumer will be able to save money as replacing a part is cheaper than buying a new fan.

Litex and Their Bestselling Ceiling Fans

Included in this list are three of the company’s bestsellers, chosen for its performance and looks.

  • Litex E-KM52ABZ5CMR Knightsbridge Collection Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

This 52-inch model has an aged bronze finish and comes with 3 40-watt dimmable incandescent candelabra bulbs. It features 5 bronze blades, a 10-inch downrod and a hand-held remote control that spans a full range of light-dimming functions.

It has an airflow of 5512 cubic feet per minute and electric usage of 71.47 watts. It also gives out an air flow efficiency of 127.6 cubic feet/minute/watt.

The model has a blade span of 4 feet and 4 inches and has a diameter of 4 feet and 4 inches. Its downrod measures at 10 inches plus the entire unit has a height of 26½ inches and a weight of 27 lbs.

  • Litex E-TIT52SCH5LKRC Titan Collection 52-Inch Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

The 52-inch Titan model features a smooth, sleek style that imparts a modest but nevertheless creative touch to your home. It includes 5 reversible blades and a 3-speed reversible motor which measures at 172 mm and 16 mm. It also includes a hand-held remote control with 3 speeds and a full range light-dimming function.

It has an air flow of 5,032 cubic feet per minute and electrical usage of 62.6 watts (excluding light). It has an air flow efficiency of 80.4 cubic feet/minute/watt. It can be mounted through downrod installation only and cannot be set up as a flush mount or hugger.

It has a housing diameter of 6.77 inches and a height of 16¾ inches. Its downrod measures 6 inches and its canopy diameter measures at 5.12 inches. It features a measurement of 13 inches from blade to ceiling and has a blade sweep of 4 feet and 4 inches.

  • Litex E-BLR44ABZ5C Balmoral Collection Ceiling Fan

The model provides both elegance and versatility, and its design and form will suit majority of living home styles with a minimum of effort. This unit comes in a brushed nickel finish and features blades with a dark oak/mahogany finish. It requires 3 60-watt frosted incandescent candelabra bulbs.

It features a 4-inch downrod and is remote control adaptable. It has an air flow of 3858 cubic feet per minute and electrical usage of 48.1 watts. It also provides air flow efficiency of 80.22 cubic feet/minute/watt.

The unit has a height of 18 inches and weighs at 13.9 lbs. It has a blade span of 3 feet and 8 inches and a diameter of 3 feet and 8 inches.

Before You Buy

Both Litex fans and their replacement parts are of the highest available quality. Place that together with technique and style it become beneficial to that of the consumer. There is obviously no question as to why so many companies desire to be connected to Litex’s products and that Litex fans have acquired an enormous amount of repetitive customer’s, accumulated through the various brands that they stand for.

Because Litex is deeply attentive to the littlest of details and aim their sights for top-quality standards, plus out-of-this-world customer service, it widely produces products that are “Engineered for Excellence®.”