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Minka Aire Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans from Minka Aire are one of the best products manufactured today. Whether your home has a contemporary feel to it, minimal or country, the company has a fan that’s waiting for you.

They come in a wide variety of functions and designs to suit your abode’s interiors; over 30 styles and beyond 100 selections will keep you busy. The company has created unique patterns, details and procedures that are innovative for modern overhead ventilators today.

You can choose from gorgeous metal finishes to traditional, antique washed finishes depending on what part of the house you want the fan installed in. The brand provides devices that were brought about and manufactured to the industry’s highest standards and guarantee lifetime usage.

Minka Aire: A Brief Overview

The brand is manufactured by the Minka Group, a company known for its highly esteemed products in the ornamental lighting business. The firm is proud of their selection of carefully manufactured and designed products, always focusing on the excellence and craftsmanship of every fixture they come up with.

The company operates on two continents today. Other brands from them include George Kovacs and The Great Outdoors by Minka-Lavery. They specialize not only in ceiling fans, but lighting products as well like table lamps, chandeliers, mirrors, wall art, floor lamps and ornamental accessories.

For their customers’ convenience, all of the company’s products are displayed on their official webpage. Current catalogs are also on hand for you to browse and if you need a printed version of their latest catalog, you just get in touch with a distributor in our area.

Why You Should Consider Minka Aire Ceiling Fans

Every company that manufactures ceiling fans have brands with a selection of models that one can choose from, each model unique and equipped with differing functions, performance and quality. Several companies produce budget products while other firms focus on high-quality, costly models.

The best ceiling fans come with high-quality features, the smallest watts and excellent CFM or Cubic Feet of Airflow per Minute. Fans from the Minka Group are often praised because of its high CFMs, so if you are after this particular feature, you should check out the wide range of products the company has on its catalogue.

For years, the company has been manufacturing innovative devices that deliver excellent performance. The company is sensitive to the needs of their customers so the units they design and construct are modern, highly functional, sturdy and trend-setting.

You can select models crafted from sleek, polished metal to items finished in a gorgeous antique wash. From minimal designs to grander ones, there’s a model made by the company that will fit each room in your house.

All products are guaranteed to last and perform excellently, adhering to the ceiling fan business’ high standards. The company uses modern technology and quality materials to innovate and improve the performance and looks of their units.

Their fan motors are built in a way that it will provide a smooth, noiseless operation thus it includes important elements like precision steel bearings, computer managed rotor and stator alignment and quality copper wires.

The company’s large motors give the greatest air circulation for extended use and its patented coupling cover hides its hanging triple lock safety mechanism. Truly, Minka Aire has the models for consumers who are not only after functionality, but aesthetics as well.

Reasons to Buy a Minka Aire ceiling fan:

At first glance you might not think that Minka Aire ceiling fans are any different than any other brand. Wrong. First impressions are not what they seem to be. Sometimes we need to take a second look and when we do, what pops out at us is that Minka Aire offers unassuming elegance that will enhance any room in your home.

If Minka Aire is new to you, allow me the pleasure of introducing them. Minka Group has been well known for manufacturing striking decorative home lighting fixtures that go from styles that are unpretentious to those that take your breath away. It has been stated that their products are unequaled in craftsmanship, functionality and stability.

Hence it wasn’t far-reaching when Minka Group launched a wide-range assembly of Minka Aire ceiling fans that are attractively represented in three all-encompassing categories; contemporary, traditional, and transitional.

You will find indoor and outdoors, modern-day and retro, transitional and traditional and even opt for that classic always-in-style one.

A traditional design for example would be a ceiling fan called Gyro that has two opposing sets of blades and is offered in white, nickel, bronze or walnut. However if you are looking for something with a European flair, check out Classique.

Minka Aire latest collection features a high-tech, sleek contemporary design with an impressive list of modern features which includes a full function wall mount Touch control system, unique die-cast blade holders, and incorporated halogen light.

Designer Series includes latest modern designs of present-day flair, style and grace and an eternal spirit designed by several recognized names of the industry. Minka Aire has met the necessity of air circulation in spacious rooms by redesigning several of their popular designs with bigger bodies and longer fan blades. Minka-Aire has something to offer for every appliance or furniture in your home, whatever is your preference or lifestyle. Some of its best products are Minka Aire Acero, Minka Aire Cobra and Minka Aire EOS ceiling fans.

Minka Aire and Their Bestselling Ceiling Fans

The company has a long list of bestselling units from their range, but among ceilings fans, the ones listed in here are their greatest hits so far.

  • The Kewl

The 52-inch Kewl model is a modern, hip unit that will light up your kitchen or any contemporary room in your home. It’s for the consumer who likes his or her surroundings with an up-to-date, forward thinking touch.

It has 3 operating blades which comes with 6,304 CFM airflow and a 4-speed wall control system. It is available in colors like black, red, silver and white and comes with a lifetime motor warranty.

  • The Wave

If you like the ocean and have constant daydreams of living a seaside life, get that coast vibe going in your own home with the 52-inch Wave. The model was crafted with ocean waves in mind so it’s a fitting model for those who are into beach-related sports, coastal living, marine creatures, the surfer lifestyle or simply for folks who entertain thoughts of the ocean’s calm.

It features a 48-degree blade pitch with 6,580 CFM of airflow and 3 52-inch blades. It can be had in a variety of colors like white, silver and distressed koa. It also features a handheld remote control system and comes with a lifetime motor warranty.

  • The Cirque

The 54-inch Cirque delivers excellent performance and distinctive aesthetics which will fit commercial spots and modern spaces. It’s a model that will suit discerning tastes. Illuminate your space and get the perfect breeze with the Cirque.

It features 3 54-inch blades and 3 25-inch blades with a 14-degree blade pitch, 6,000 CFM of airflow and a 50W built-in halogen light. The model also has a 3-speed fully functional wall control system and is available in finishes like Polished Nickel and Brushed Nickel. Lastly, it comes with a lifetime motor warranty as well.

If you are the eco-conscious type and want to save energy, a ceiling fan is an ideal home device for you to use. It doesn’t need excessive amounts of electricity and it will shave off a sizable percent off your energy bill if you use one on a regular basis instead of your AC.

The company’s mechanical fan products are a good investment. Not only are you going to cut your energy bills, it will also add plenty of character to your living space.

Before You Buy

Minka  Aire offers the best ceiling fan that fits your budget. Also it is tested for various aspects such as its ease of installation, air volume, number of blades, and overall value by experts so as to find the best fan at every price point and ensure that your home is a comfortable place for you and your family.

And as for quality – it is said “you get what you pay for,” well with Minka Aire ceiling fans…that’s a lot!