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Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans

Sufficient circulation of air inside a room makes it feel bigger, lighter and more comfortable to live in. Even though your dwelling is already equipped with home fixtures like air conditioning and heating devices, these tools can fail at times and a Monte Carlo-made ceiling fan can easily solve this problem.

Ceiling fans from the abovementioned company can efficiently circulate air inside your dwelling. It can get rid of cold air pockets during the cold months and in the summer, produce the opposite wind-chill effect.

By investing in an effective Monte Carlo ceiling fan, your dwelling will up its comfort level and at the same time, you will cut down on your energy bills too since you won’t be using your air conditioners and heating gadgets as much as before.

Monte Carlo: A Brief Overview

The company was founded in the year 1996, and it is a Generation Brands firm, a known innovator in the building, electrical wholesale, home décor, home improvement and lighting industries. The company is noted for specializing in trendy, elegant and stylish ceiling fans for decades. Apart from focusing on the quality and workmanship of their products, the company is also known for its dedication to exceptional customer service.

The brand is highly focused on their clients’ demands so they provide first-rate customer care and try hard to go beyond clients’ expectations. Their trusted, faithful employees from each and every branch all over the world work in conjunction to bring about nothing but the best in not only high-quality ceiling fans, but lighting and service as well.

Monte Carlo specializes in trend inspired, fashion-forward, ceiling fans and accessories available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and finishes. Monte Carlo has always delivered when it has come to quality and customer service. Their retailers are well informed and can help you choose the correct fan for your house.

Why You Should Consider Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans

The company continuously manufactures modern, beautifully-crafted product lines which can inspire and beautify your living space. Their products range from traditional and transitional pieces to sumptuously decorated fixtures which are either inspired by nature or current trends in fashion. They promise that there is a Monte Carlo ceiling fan that will fit whatever décor you have in your home.

Monte Carlo is popular for its distinctive manufacturing ethics and the company’s stringent focus to design details. It has won them a huge following because each and every element involved in making a ceiling fan is taken with great, fastidious care, which makes for a line of products so effective and at the same time, attention-grabbing.

Other than aesthetic perfection, the company is also focused on producing fans that are not only striking, but also engineered to perform effectively. Each part is tested and honed so they will all play a part on the overall capable performance of a product.

The company’s line of products are equipped with powerful, durable energy-efficient motors which provides noiseless operations and the best air movement. They have reinvented the industry by constantly upping the ante and improving the home décor industry.

Monte Carlo’s designs, motor and blade spans are touted as one of the best in the industry plus some of their models also feature hand-held remote controls and several even have wall control which sets them apart from other competing brands. A number of their ceiling fans have reverse rotation functions as well so you can use them not only during the summer, but during the winter months too.

The brand has multi-speed features on point. Majority of their models come with 3-speeds and this is important because it adapts to a user’s preference for airflow.

The company’s fans are also Energy Star compliant, which makes them the best device for you to use if you want to save up on your electric bills. They also supply enough airflow so your rooms will get a comfortable breeze that will last until you switch the device off.

When buying a ceiling fan from the company, you are not spending in a short-term solution as with floor or table fans. The company’s line are built for years and years of use so its motor comes with a warranty to guarantee that the unit will last and perform efficiently over time.

One topnotch example from the brand is the Vios, designed with 4 blades and can circulate air of up to 5.995 cubic feet per minute. It can fit bigger rooms of up to 250 square feet and its torque-induction motor makes for a quite operation. It produces an airflow efficiency of 102 cubic feet per minute per watt, which is higher as compared with other similar models from the competition.

Meanwhile, the Monte Carlo Discus features a simple and neat design which can provide an exceptional, straightforward look to your home’s interiors. It is a part of the brand’s Discus collection and is crafted from high-quality materials to guarantee durability and strength. It includes a remote control and is wall control compatible as well as UL listed, which makes it safe for everyday use.

Whether your home is designed in a contemporary, transitional or traditional style, the company has something for you that will enhance its look, provide a cooling breeze and lastly, give users the opportunity to lessen energy bills.

Reasons to Buy a Monte Carlo ceiling fan:

  • The designs keep with the environment of your house. Also many designs available to choose from.
  • Save energy on cooling during summers and on heating during winters.
  • Quality fans made to last and have definitely been made keeping durability in mind.

Monte Carlo Ceiling fans are really a good buy considering the features and designs that come with them.

Best Three Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans

These are some of the top rated fans that you can buy today offered by Monte Carlo:

  1. Monte Carlo Discus Roman Bronze 52″ Ceiling Fan

This 52 inch fan is minimalist by nature. The modern and contemporary look and feel offered by silver blades which go with the brushed steel fan body will definitely find appeal with people who prefer an understated appeal to their rooms. The bulb is included in the package and it does really well when it comes to lighting up the room. The price is affordable and it is a great buy for most consumers who want a good fan for their home. In short you get contemporary styling and good features at an affordable price.


  • Good on the looks department:  The looks of the fan are quite sleek in nature, almost industrial to a certain amount.
  • Good air distribution: No matter how big a room you put it in, this fan easily delivers air to every corner with is huge blades and a powerful motor.
  • Decent illumination: The 100 watt halogen bulb is quite bright and can serve as the primary source of room illumination.


  • Installation: Installing this fan is not the easiest thing to do and it takes some effort to put it up. It is best to call for professional help.
  • Noisy: The hum of the motor is quite loud and can be a bit disturbing at times.
  1. Monte Carlo Colony II Small Room Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo, are also famous as ‘Architects of Air and Light,’ offers some popular small ceiling fans that provide enhanced air circulation and cooling. They ensure that their fan not only look good but also perform well. Monte Carlo is known for versatility of design and form. The Monte Carlo Colony II fans series is one of the best sellers in the market.


  • Simple functionality:  The fan is essentially very simple to use and the instructions are clear cut.
  • Decent looks: It’s a good looking fan with clean looks about it.
  • Remote controlled: This is an added advantage in the case of this ceiling fan.
  • Easy to fit: It can be put in hallways, utility rooms and closets.


  • Low breeze: A lot is left to want as far as distributing air around the room is concerned. Although the fan offers decent functionality and functions, its low breeze is something of a contention that many people might find a little too low for their tastes.
  1. Monte Carlo Cyclone 60-Inch 5-Blade Outdoor Ceiling Fan

It is basically an outdoor fan which is built tough and is quite pretty good looking at the same time. This fan comes with an Old Chicago Finish with five big 60-Inch and is Energy Star Qualified as well as Wet Rated to boot. With an extra heavy duty 212-by-25-mm Motor and 13-Degree blade pitch, this fan will definitely keep you cool and relaxed.


  • Simple functionality:  The fan is essentially very simple to use and the instructions are clear cut.
  • Very attractive: It’s a good looking fan with a Victorian look about it.


  • Problem fitting it in: 60 inch blades do take up some space and if you have to put something else up there, you are in for some issues.

Before You Buy

Monte Carlo ceiling fans stand for quality and this company which is also known as the “Architects of Air”. Monte Carlo makes and provide ceiling fans which would appeal to even the most discerning customers. Also you may safely purchase Monte Carlo ceiling fans as they are known to be very accommodating and helpful as far as customer service is concerned.