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Tiffany Ceiling Fans

If you are into antiques and stained glass and looking for fixtures that will add more statement in your home, Tiffany ceiling fans are a nice addition. Its exquisite stained glass details originated from the Tiffany lamp, a style of lamp that was initially designed and made known by Louis Comfort Tiffany, the firstborn son of famous jewelry mogul Charles Lewis Tiffany.

These particular overhead fans are touted as genuine pieces of art and is a welcome supplement to your home’s interiors. Nowadays, the market has a broad selection of these beautiful fixtures so if you want more pop in your living space, these ceiling fans will furnish the uppermost part of your room with its treasure box-like presence.

Brands like Tiffany Street have ventured into the style with a good range of amazingly-detailed overhead fans. Need more information about the brand? Read on.

Tiffany Street: A Brief Overview

The Tiffany Street brand has been making home fixtures and appliances for years now, and one of their bestselling products was their range of Tiffany-style lamps and ceiling fans. They feature a great selection of overhead fixtures for you to decide on so you will certainly find the one that will surely fit your dwelling’s interiors.

Their ceiling fans are considered as fully-functional artworks. The designs range from milky-white diamond-shaped ceiling fans to exquisite pink rose patterned stained glass complete with vibrant green leaves. You will also see designs topped with sizable dragonflies in sheer yet vivid colors and fruit patterned ones that will complement your kitchen.

The company’s notable profusion of styles will perhaps bemuse costumers; each piece is finely crafted with prime-grade materials and the designs are so chic and beautiful one might have a little difficulty in coming up with a decision.

Why You Should Consider Tiffany Street Ceiling Fans

Style meets function is most probably the motto of the brand. With this particular appliance, continuous airflow and eye-catching stained glass designs will capture the attention and awe of visiting neighbors, family and friends. Each and every existing product with the company’s name on it will be enhanced with a well-cut stained glass fixture, thus the brand’s range of ceiling fans are a most appreciated addition to your abode.

The delight of a beautifully-styled Tiffany overhead fan stems not only from its stunning time-honored glass fixtures that are lit when the lights are switched on, but also in the way the unit circulates and distributes ample air inside a room.

The company’s motor and blades are efficient enough when it comes to air circulation. As compared with other fans in the market today their blades extends ever so slightly than average and the motors that operates the whole unit are a bit bigger too so these simple features are what makes the company’s overhead ventilators do its job effectively.

Pitch and length are factors that makes for an effective fan. A lengthier blade with a precise pitch can bring about a heightened level of air circulation in a room. Tiffany Street’s fan blades are a great 52 inches in length so it has the power to actually transform the air inside a living space.

The motor meanwhile, operates the whole thing. Majority of this particular ceiling fan are equipped with motors that operate on 3 speeds. Lastly, the lights are what makes a Tiffany fan unique; it is the style’s signature look after all.

However, keep in mind that since these are fixtures made from stained glass, make sure that you place them in a child-free room. The gorgeousness of the brand’s ventilators will be preserved if you give them proper maintenance and supervision.

Reasons to Buy a Tiffany ceiling fan:

With their gorgeous stained glass and classic ambience, tiffany ceiling fans have become an enduring design choice.  In a range of colors, sizes, and styles, these fans can add a touch of elegance to any dining room, entryway, or other space.

Although not manufactured by Tiffany & Company, these fans are styled after the classic designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Tiffany was the son of the founder of Tiffany & Company; and, his art nouveau glass designs have been world famous since the early 1900s.  A ceiling fan in true tiffany style will feature stained glass and intricate designs.

Tiffany style fans come in a vast array of colors from warm golds to cool blues, the most common being amber.  This tawny shade creates a warm glow and is often combined with dark wood blades and brushed metal accents.

Many designers have combined tiffany style glass with other timeless décor trends.  The Savoy House Cloister ceiling fan is an exquisite example.  This fan combines tiffany cream glass with the classic lines of mission style design. The result is a modern twist on two classic designs.

When choosing tiffany ceiling fans, some basic features may be considered, which can include:

  • Design and style
  • Different size fan blades
  • Availability of replacement motor parts
  • Durability of fan blades
  • Light design

Tiffany Street and Their Bestselling Ceiling Fans

The company has an extensive line of Tiffany-style fans and you will discover that they perfectly complement your home’s overall décor. Majority of the brand’s products are built with precision and care in the similar manner as its innovator constructed the original. Here is a small list of their most purchased units plus its accompanying specifications.

  • The Autumn

The ventilator is designed with a Roman bronze finish. It has a 3-speed motor and includes 5 American Walnut blades which are tastefully paired up with 4 stained glass shades. The unit can be mounted to the ceiling levelly or with the help of a 4-inch downrod.

The unit has a height of 19.5 inches and a width of 52 inches. Its shade width is 5.2 inches while the height spans 5 inches. It includes 4 40-watt bulbs.

  • The Passion Roses

The fan comes with a stained glass design of Victorian roses caught up in a diamond-shaped network of ecru-colored glass. The muted blushing roses are surrounded with a plunging stretch of shimmering lilac jewels. No wonder this is one of the brand’s most popular picks; its design is a real eye-catcher.

The unit’s Monte Carlo bronze finish completes the whole antique look. It features 5 teak blades and a 3-speed reversible motor. It is also paired up with Meyda Tiffany light kit.

The unit has a height of 19 inches and a width of 52 inches. It has a shade height of 7 inches while its width measures at 12 inches. It features 3 60-watt bulbs with a voltage of 120 volts.

  • The Amber Dragonfly

The dragonfly is actually one of the most famous Tiffany design, and the brand’s version pays tribute to the fundamental hanging head dragonfly.

Dragonflies on flight are given gleaming crimson eyes. Dainty filigree wings in a metal cast surround hand-cut and copper enmeshed fragments of amber, pond green and crimson glass. In addition, shiny jewels of with the colors of crimson, amber and emerald characterize the reflection of a vivid sunset on moving river/pond waters.

The unit was given a Monte Carlo bronze finish complete with 5 teak blades. It features a 3-speed reversible motor and includes the Meyda light kit.

It has a height of 18 inches and a width of 52 inches. It stands 6 inches and features a width of 12 inches. The unit includes 3 60-watt bulbs with 120 volts.

Before You Buy

Tiffany ceiling fans offer a wide range of styles from clean modern lines to vintage floral accents.  With the variety of colors, sizes, and mounting options available for you to add this cherished and graceful style to your home.

Having a tiffany ceiling fan as part of the home interior décor provides a somewhat cozy ambience because of the dim lights used.  However for individuals who prefer their tiffany ceiling fans to be of general use rather than just for decorative, they can always choose to use a light fixture with some fair amount of bright down light and not too dim.