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Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

Heat can be an annoyance, especially during the hottest days of the summer months. People always depend on air conditioners to beat the heat, but the electricity this device consumes often leaves a hole in our pockets. Westinghouse-manufactured ceiling fans are the rightful solution to this issue since they work by effectively distributing cool or warm air inside a room, without too much energy use.

A simple extra like a ceiling fan in your dwelling can extend the life of your air conditioning and heating devices apart from cutting down energy costs, thereby boosting your home’s levels of comfort.

Westinghouse: A Brief Overview

Westinghouse ceiling fans are manufactured by Westinghouse Lighting Corporation. The company is a family-managed business that was founded in the year 1946, concentrating on lighting fixtures, accessories and ultimately ceiling fans. Westinghouse Lighting is dedicated to manufacturing ceiling fans with the latest in fan technology and strict compliance to the constantly changing energy standards.

The company’s long tenure in the business has made them devoted to providing a broad range of ceiling fan units that meets current trends and at the same time, complies to the needs of the market. Through the years the company has expanded around the world, with global headquarters in areas like Canada, Europe and Latin America. It has international distribution centers in countries like Germany, Mexico and Panama among others.

Their US distribution centers are located in Philadelphia, PA and Chino, CA. You can score a Westinghouse ceiling fan in a home center near you or look for one online.

Westinghouse ceiling fans are designed for both residential and commercial use. They are known for their qualities, functionalities and dependability. If you take some time out to find the fan you need you should be able to find the perfect ceiling fans for your home.

Why Consider Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

Choosing the proper ceiling fan for your home or your working quarters can be a tricky business in itself. However, a good brand like Westinghouse will make your decision-making skills a breeze since they are known for their line of excellently crafted ceiling fans made from the highest-quality materials. Whether a ceiling fan made for the outdoors, industrial use or for the home, the company has something for you.

Study the convenience of a down-sized home ceiling fan like the Westinghouse Petite. If you live in a small space and have a hard time looking for a superior model which can work in a small room, the brand’s Petite model is a surefire way to make that tiny living space a more comfortable area to live in.

The Petite has six blades and is 30 inches so it can fit spaces measuring up to 80 square feet. It includes a conventional light fixture and a high-grade motor so you can use it anytime you need to be comfortable. It is also affordable so budget-conscious folks will surely appreciate its price.

The Petite has 3 speeds and its motor provides noiseless operations so it won’t bother you while you sleep or go about with your everyday activities. Using this model will also help you significantly cut down a chunk of your energy bills since it only employs 45 watts of power when the light is turned off and its fan blades are reversible as well. Other than that, the motor comes with a lifetime warranty so that the product is protected.

Because of the many outdoor models today, it can be a bit complicated choosing one that will keep for life. If you made the wrong purchase, your patio or porch can become unfeasible in winter or summer. Choosing is not that much of a problem if you focus on Westinghouse and their line of outdoor ceiling fans.

Their Oasis indoor/outdoor model is made for use in external areas of the house the like the gazebo, patio, porch or veranda. It provides a great country and craftsman touch with its rustic oil-rubbed bronze finish and mahogany leaf ABS blades.

The model has a silicon steel motor equipped with a triple capacitator and features 3-speed functions and a reversible switch so you can keep cool during the hot months and stay warm during winter. Turn the rotation direction of the fan counter-clockwise in the summer to keep cool and do the opposite by winter to keep everything toasty. For your convenience, the model is remote control adaptable too.

Sizable rooms meanwhile will be improved by the presence of the Westinghouse Harmony, which is a 2-light, 2-blade model. It supplies over 4,000 cubic feet per minute of airflow at its highest speed and operated at only 53 watts minus the lights which provides an airflow efficiency of 92 cfm per watts. It also features a noiseless motor with 4-speed reversible switch for a customized air movement and is backed by a 2-year warranty for the parts and a lifetime warranty for the motor.

Maximize airflow in your home. Save up on those energy costs. Extend the life of your AC by using it together with a Westinghouse model. You can get them all with a great ceiling fan from this company.

Reasons for buying a Westinghouse ceiling fan:

  • They keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • These fans feature remote control function, fashionable styles and energy saving.
  • Westinghouse ceiling fans provide you style along with the comfort and have the ceiling fans to complement your home décor.

While most Westinghouse ceiling fans are of exceptional quality, build and style the following ceiling fans from them are worth taking a look at.

Best Three Westinghouse Ceiling Fan

  1. Westinghouse Contempra IV Four-Light 52-Inch Five-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan

It is a part of the Hugger series of fans and is ideal for rooms with low ceilings. The blades are reversible, with one side being white and the other white washed pine, providing versatility in home decorating. Both sides coordinate handsomely with the fan’s antique white finish. The fan includes a four-light lighting kit with the four globes resting below and at the center of the fan in a square pattern, providing welcome light when necessary. The globes are made of frosted ribbed glass.


  • Easy installation: The fan is literally a breeze to install.
  • Noise free: There is hardly anything which you would hear which would disturb you.
  • Decent breeze: The air circulation is quite good for a fan of this price and you won’t have any problems with it.
  • Good value for money: It offers more value for money than a lot of other fans in the market.


  • Stock lights: You can use only ceiling fan lights and not CFL’s which kind of robs from an otherwise flawless fan.
  • Small screws: This is a very minor problem and only affects you if you have big hands.
  1. Westinghouse Turbo Swirl One-Light 30-Inch Six-Blade Ceiling Fan, Brushed Aluminum with Frosted Globe

Stylish and compact, this fan has a brushed aluminum finish and six blades with a light maple finish. The light fixture is made of frosted glass and this fan does well in rooms up to eighty square feet in area.


  • Stylish and compact: This fan looks really good.  It features a sophisticated brushed aluminum look with six blades in light maple finish.
  • Noise free: There is hardly anything which you would hear which would disturb you.
  • Decent breeze: The air circulation is quite good for a fan of this size and you won’t have any problems with it.
  • Good value for money: It offers more value for money than a lot of fans in the market.


  • Small screws: This is a very minor problem and only affects you if you have fat fingers.
  • Limited Warranty: The fans come with a limited lifetime warranty which really isn’t anything to fret about and indeed suffices.
  1. Westinghouse Contempra Trio Three-Light 42-Inch Five-Blade Ceiling Fan

This is again a Hugger fan with a low profile. It has a three light kit which creates a triangular pattern under the fan. It is perfect for small to medium sized rooms. It can be used in a living room to provided that it isn’t too big.


  • Very easy to install:  It is one of the easiest fans to install on the market. It barely takes any time and also has clearly laid out instructions for installation.
  • Reversible blades: One side is rosewood color and the other is bird’s eye maple. Both colors perfectly match the color of the fan which is brushed nickel.


  • Not really the best breeze: No matter how high you turn the fan, it just doesn’t seem to distribute enough breeze around a room; which is why you are recommended to install it in small to medium sized rooms only.
  • Good value for money: It is a fan which offers good value for money for its better looks and also good features.

Before You Buy

Westinghouse fans are quality fans and since most of the fans made by them are not very expensive, and at the same time, offer great looks and great features. They are definitely worth buying considering all the options that you otherwise have in a market saturated with low quality fans.