White Ceiling Fan: Choosing Refinement

A white ceiling fan can add grace to any room and still be practical by lowering both your air conditioning cost in the summer and your heating bills in the winter. You get all this just by flipping a switch, pulling a chain or pressing a button.  

There are constantly new designs for you to choose from when purchasing a white ceiling fan, as well as features that include but not limited to: lighting options, finishes, mounts, switchable blades and remote controls.

With all that is available with styles, textures and designs any white ceiling fan you decide upon will surly harmonize with your décor while offering serviceability and persona.

When you purchase your ceiling fan keep the following major factors in mind: the brand name, is it built with anti-humming and wobbling mechanics, will it be long-lasting, is it easy to mount and operate, and of course… how cost effective is it?

Great Features

With the progress in technology, there has been a tremendous increase in technological innovations and ceiling fans are one such appliance which has emerged to give comforts and elegance to our home.

  • Design & Decor

  • With a contemporary white ceiling fan, you can give a new and a sophisticated appearance to your room. There are various designs that you can choose from; and its features are all exclusive- ranging from crystal light kits, sculpted blades, remote controls and mounts. These fans are not just about lights and blades but they go a step further to transform your house in giving a dramatic décor.

  • Materials & Decor

  • One remarkable feature about these fans is the use of different textures and materials, which harmonizes well with any décor. White ceiling fans gives first-rate service because of their excellent quality. One can’t help but admire the beauty of these fans.

If you intend to buy one of these exquisite fans, always bear in mind the important factors such as the name of the brand, the longevity of the fan, its usage and also their price. It is always advisable to do some research before you buy one. Below are some of the products which have earned much appreciation from the consumer.

Best Three White Ceiling Fans

1. Harbor Breeze 42” Cheshire White Ceiling Fan:

Harbor Breeze 42" Cheshire Ceiling Fan

This is an eye catching fan from Harbor Breeze. Harbor Breeze 42” Cheshire white ceiling fan comes with a three speed reversible motor. Due to the presence of a reversible motor, this fan can be used throughout all seasons.

During summers, you need to set the direction which will push down the air to cool the room, while during winters; you can reverse the direction to heat up the room. One notable feature about this fan is that, it is reasonably priced. This fan is also available in a rustic brass color with oak blades.

2. 42” Genoa 114437 White Ceiling Fan:

Genoa 42" Cheshire Ceiling Fan

42’”Genoa ceiling fan is a white colored fan which has white blades with three lights. This fan is also reversible and has three speed settings.

One remarkable feature about this fan is that, it can be lowered with drop-rods or can be flush mounted as well. This will give you more selection while decorating your home. It also comes with one year guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their product, you can avail your money back within 14 days.

3. Hunter 52” Carera White Ceiling Fan:

Hunter is one of the leading manufactures of ceiling fans in the world.

Hunter 52" Carera Ceiling Fan
  • Comes with three reversible blades, either in white or maple finish.

  • Has a reversible motor which helps in providing year round comfort by cooling you in the summer days and warming you during winter.

  • Equipped with patented Airmax motor which enables in running quietly alongside dispersing cooler air.
  • This particular white ceiling fan comes with a schoolhouse fashioned light kit making it not only attractive fashionably but with a cost of approximately $80.00, attractive price wise too. So now you don’t have to go out to get that “game” feeling! 

    Before You Buy

    Another low cost ceiling fan you might want to consider would be the Low Profile(R) Ceiling Fan. This is another fan that is traditional in design and would be a great accent to any room. It was manufactured to be quick and easy to install, last for a lifetime, comes with four reversible white blades (bleached oak on the other side), and has the WhisperWind™ motor as well.  What is really great about this one is that is comes with (or without) lights!  

    It comes down to your taste and style when choosing a white ceiling fan that best meets your wants and needs. The 2 above are fabulous both in design and price but the options are limitless if you’re willing to do a little window shopping.