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For centuries airplanes have stirred our sense of adventure, making us dream of daring escapades and cross-continent flights.  Why not bring a little of that bravado home to the man-cave with an airplane ceiling fan? Not just for kids, these fans can add a little gusto to any man’s space. Especially the aviation styled ceiling fans are of great design to any room.

There are plenty of awesome and fun items that you can add on your children’s room or play room. Amusing wallpapers and lamps with designs that pertain to the kids’ interests are also popular additions, according to most parents. But if you want to add comfort without sacrificing looks, you can always complement the space’s overall appearance with a ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans provide coolness and warmth to an area. Apart from that function, there are also ceiling fans that include lights. Majority of models designed from children’s rooms often come in fun, snazzy and lively colors that will greatly become a part of the area’s interior decoration. One such example of this is the airplane ceiling fan.

Aeronautical Themes for Boys and Girls’ Rooms

Hunter Fan Company 59031 Fantasy Flyer 48-Inch Blue Ceiling Fan with Three Gray Blades - close upChildren are very much into bedrooms and play rooms that clicks with their interests and personalities. For parents, it is their duty to make their little ones’ rooms into a space they’ll feel comfortable with. Aside from the furniture and wall designs/decorations, parents must also take note of light fixtures and other related devices and accessories to accomplish the perfect kid-friendly area.

Boys and girls who are into airplanes and the whole aeronautical subject will be pleased to see a ceiling fan with an airplane design installed above their heads. Airplane ceiling fans are called as such because of their shape. These devices are built in the shape of an airplane with the fan blades constructed in a sense that they will resemble a plane’s propeller.

This model remains popular to this day—in fact there are plenty of companies who have come up with their own plane ceiling fan designs. It is a great conversation starter too since children are fond of having their friends over and showing the cool stuff they have.

Craftmade WB448GG4, Warplanes Glamorous Glen Flush Mount Kids 48%22 Ceiling Fan with LightThe model looks distinctive as compared with other standard ceiling fans but they are not more difficult to mount than a product that may be deemed as regular fans. Folks who love tinkering and are certain that they can install anything won’t have any trouble mounting one.

Airplane ceiling fans come in a good range of designs and colors so it’s easier to find one that will become a big hit to your kids. As a tip, make sure that you bring your children along while shopping for one so they can have a hand in choosing a design they like. Bringing the children with you on these trips will also guarantee that they will get a model that they will absolutely love.

Why Children’s Bedrooms Need a Ceiling Fan

Craftmade WB242SC 42-Inch Warplane 2-Blade Ceiling Fan with Integrated Light Kit, Sopwith CamelStill not convinced why your kids need one installed in their bedrooms or play rooms? Then here are reasons why the device provides several advantages.

Kids are always active; they run, play and jump most of the time. Playing is an essential activity for kids so they do it in order to amuse themselves or make bonds with other children. And because of this activity, children tend to sweat a lot while at play.

In addition, there are also kids who tend to sweat profusely while they’re fast asleep, which can cause worry among parents. This is where a ceiling fan enters the picture—it is an excellent solution in providing comfort for your kids. Children won’t be as cranky while playing if there’s a constant supply of comfortable breeze inside an area and they will have a sound sleep with a ceiling fan on as well.

These devices make you at ease and comfy by distributing air throughout your body thus it maximizes the drying up of perspiration, leaving you cool eventually. It won’t cost you too much operating one as well since they do not consume plenty of energy unlike air conditioners. The product might generate a soothing, white noise-like sound which can make sleeping a breeze and they can illuminate an area since there are plenty of models that come with light kits.

They bring the comfort level to an all-time high in both summer and winter seasons. Summer days require ceiling fans to rotate in a counterclockwise motion so it will shove cool air to the floor. This cool air get rids of swat and produces a wind-chill result which makes people feel more comfortable without disturbing the overall temperature of the room.

During the fall/winter seasons, the fans must operate at a clockwise motion at lower speeds so it will have the capability of pulling the colder air upwards to the ceiling. The updraft shoves the warm air, which typically rises upwards, down the walls of a room until it reaches the floor. This action creates a warmer, more cozy room and it lets users minimize heater usage and lower thermostat settings too.

Perfect Choice

Craftmade WB242BS2, Warplanes Ceiling Fan w: Light, 42%22 Span, Black SheepFor a subtle tribute to the flying machine, the Craftmade Black Sheep Warplane ceiling fan is a perfect choice.  The fan’s blue and yellow blades are styled after a vintage warplane while the housing of the fan features a blue and white checkeboard pattern.  This two bladed airplane ceiling fan brings about a sense of speed and simplicity.  Its sleek design would compliment any modern den, game room, or bar.

Another stylish entry from Craftmade is the Sopwith Camel Warbird. This fan features a dual blade design, light, and remote. Its dark wood and cream blades grace a soft green housing with unique detailing.  Perfect for small spaces, the fan features flushmount installation and a 42” diameter.  This is the perfect fan for anyone who wants to add a touch of whimsy to their room.

Best Three Airplane Ceiling Fans

  • White Harbor Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

A step up into the fanciful is the White Harbor flush mount airplane ceiling fan with custom vintage airplane blades.  The blades are reminiscent of 1950s style iluustrations and feature a host of fighters and bi-wings blazing through a cloudy sky.

These might be effective in large spaces as they are not designed for it, however, with small/limited spaces; they are the best choice for it.

  • Craftmade Tiger Shark War Plane:

Craftmade WB348TS 48-Inch 3-Blade Warplane Ceiling Fan with Integrated Light Kit, Tiger SharkPros:

  • Comes with factory-installed gaskets to reduce noise and vibration.
  • Has 3-speed reversible switching.
  • Has die-cast aluminum rotors for cool running.
  • Comes with an integrated light kit in the nose.


  • As this comes in bold red color, it might be hard to have it blend in just about any home décor.

Craftmade Tiger Shark War Plane airplane ceiling fan would make a bold statement in any bedroom or man-cave.  Featuring a bold red and black design, the fan is styled to look like the nose of a warbird plane diving into the room with fan blades as propellers.

  • Hunter Fantasy Flyer Ceiling Fan:

Hunter Fan Company 59031 Fantasy Flyer 48-Inch Blue Ceiling Fan with Three Gray BladesFor those who want to go head on into the nostalgia of flight, the Hunter Fantasy Flyer is a must see. This unique fan starts with a housing and blades that look like a Corsair fighter plane. Decked out in blue, gray, and red, the fan would be a great addition to your room as-is. Hunter doesn’t stop there.

  • Comes with a 48-inch Blade Span.
  • This can be mounted easily on smooth or textured ceilings.
  • It comes with 3-propeller style blades.

This model may not be able to provide light as it is not adaptable to being installed one however as a ceiling fan it is effective and still a choice of many. This fan is no doubt of great design and can be used to complement a home décor.


Minka Aire F853-BN/MM, Aviation, 60" Ceiling Fan, Brushed Nickel with Medium Maple Blades

Minka Aire Aviation Style Maple Blades

Before You Buy

In some less conservatively-designed houses, this airplane ceiling fan is already being used.  However, in more conservatively-designed houses, the use of this type of fan for a bold design is still met with skepticism.  However, with its popularity steadily rising, it will not be long before other homes try to incorporate this fan into their home decors as well.

Whether a subtle tribute or a full fledged replica, these fun and creative fans are sure to be a great conversation piece and a treasured accent for anyone who longs to sail into the wild blue yonder.