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Fanimation FP7000OB Caruso Bronze Outdoor Dual 52%22 Ceiling Fan Motor Assembly Only with Wall Control in roomInstead of a boring ceiling fan with plain blades and a traditional light, why not try something a little different? Have you considered a fan with twisted blades, or maybe one with giant palm leaf blades?  With designs ranging from modern to nostalgic and everything in between, a whole world of unique ceiling fans beckons you to take a fresh look at a tried and true fixture.

Choose a ceiling fan that can be easily incorporated not only into your existing décor but also adapted to suit future design choices.  A fan with a motor housing in classic colors or finishes will usually fit into your design far longer than one with outrageous color schemes.

Finishes like brushed metals, wood, or even bamboo are classic choices that are sure to stand the test of time.  Since most ceiling fans allow you to change blades fairly easily, updating your style at a later point will be a simple task.

Ceiling fans used to look too utilitarian that interior design specialists would wryly shake their heads whenever clients would ask to incorporate one in a room’s general design. No need to feel apprehension and doubt on those nifty devices though, because designers of fan companies have finally showered modern-day units with plenty of creative touches.

If you want to up the coolness factor of your living space, add a fixture as a finishing touch to an already stylish design or you just want a conversation piece, a unique ceiling fan will accomplish those requirements. Look for more interesting pieces on this article by reading below.

Ceiling Fans with Tons of Attitude and Style

From models which evoke the spirit of 2001: A Space Odyssey to old-fashioned antique-y types in stained glass, these models will surely pique you curiosity.

  • Makenier Vintage Tiffany Style Stained Glass 5-light Dragonfly Uplight Lampshade Ceiling Fan Light Kit, with Banana Leaf Shaped BladesTiffany

Art Nouveau enthusiasts will surely appreciate the grace and beauty of a Tiffany-style ceiling fan. The style was originally founded on lamps but it has since extended to ceiling fans.

The model features well cut stained glass designs of flora and fauna and once it’s lit, you can say that the jewel tones of the model are heightened even further because of the illumination and that’s always a great sight to see.

  • Gyro

Gyro came from the Greek word gŷros, which means “ring.” This particular model combines rustic, Old-World aspects combined with today’s modern-day technology. It is a model which will feel at home on digs designed with traditional, antique or Victorian influences.

  • Fanimation FP815FS Air Shadow Fabric Shade Ceiling Fan with 4 Cherry Blades and Fabric Shade, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish - retractable blades Fanimation FP815FS Air Shadow Fabric Shade Ceiling Fan with 4 Cherry Blades and Fabric Shade, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish - retractable blades outRetractable-blade

Some might deem that models with retractable blades are pointless, but to some, they look outstanding. They usually have a sci-fi or futuristic feel because of the design so for those who want something that will add more space-age flair to their abode, you can have a go with retractables.

  • Two-bladed

Among distinctive models, the two-bladed model is one of the more popular out of the bunch. This is recommended for small-sized rooms since they can produce lots of airflow without adhering to the usual fan system that everybody has in their home.

  • Gulf Coast Fans Venetian Tropical Ceiling Fan with Internal Light in Driftwood, 52 InchesPalm

Into the whole tropical theme? Then a ceiling fan with palm blades should be on your list of fixtures. It provides statement on your living space and instantly transforms your humble abode into a tropical wonderland. It evokes summers lounging by the coast, the surf and turf lifestyle and the laidback island atmosphere in general.

Compared to models with metal blades, the palm blades look more casual and inviting rotating on your ceiling. Beach and marine life lovers will feel more relaxed with a model like this.

  • BL Modern European style Windmill kids room bedroom ceiling light lamps in children boys and girls cartoon creative LED white light lamp lighting 520mm height 200mm Ceiling LampWindmill

The windmill ceiling fan looks strong and intimidating up there, but for those ranch and cowboy types, this is one model that feels right at home in the countryside. It has a tough appearance and models often come in somber colors but it adds a bucolic feel to an entire household, even though you live in a city apartment and you are a thousand miles away from the next farm.

  • Kids

Ceiling fans meant for children’s bedrooms and playrooms usually bear the most creative designs. Little kids can be finicky so what better way to make their rooms a great place to hang out than fill it with objects related to their interests?

Among those models, you will spot a basketball-hoop (complete with the ball) model, a pinwheel model, a model fixed like Batman’s logo wings, models with petal-like blades while some even feature airplanes and helicopters in them.

Blades of some models also come with prints, and these prints range from galaxies, popular cartoon characters, flowers, bugs and other playful patterns. They usually come in bright, bouncy colors for endless enjoyment and function.

  • Ribbon Ceiling Fan of Benjamin McMahon Australian Design AwardRibbon

Creative minds always produce the most excellent of ideas and this does not limit ceiling fans. The Australian Design Award bestowed the Ribbon ceiling fan with accolades and declared it the winner in the student design category. Benjamin McMahon’s unique work is now awaiting a patent and the whole ensemble looks like a graceful, sinuous ribbon spinning high up in the air.

But apart from its distinctive looks, the model was said to operate more efficiently as compared to other ceiling fans. The whole design employs the use of the helical loop thus the blades were capable of concentrating the air in a wide-ranging perimeter. Other than that, the model utilizes conventional fixtures for mounting so it’s a snap to install.

  • Skateboard

Individuals who are into skate culture can rejoice; now they can cool down in style. This design actually started out as a DIY project so anybody with hands can do it. Old boards are recycled and turned into fan blades so this model is not only hip, it’s sustainable as well.

  • Fanimation FP820PW Air Shadow Mechanical Ceiling Fan with cherry bladesFanimation

For a modern and truly special fan, the Fanimation Air Shadow is another must-see. This ultra cool fan’s blades can be retracted when you’re not using it.  When the blades are folded back, this beautiful fan becomes a stunning chrome light fixture certain to wow any visitor to your home or office.

Taking its inspiration from the tropics, the Dual Star II with its brushed steel and dark woven bamboo blades will have you gazing at this beauty for hours.

Another dual fan, the Dual Star offers four airflow options and a plethora of blade styles.  So, if you tire of basket-weaved bamboo, you can choose from natural palm, distressed walnut, maple, and more.  The fan’s metal housing is available in several finishes, making it easy to work into any décor.

Best Three Unique Ceiling Fans

Aside from the usual ceiling fan designs we normally see, some companies and manufacturers are already taking things a step farther by trying to come up with products that would spark interest among the consumers or something that would be the talk of the time. When it comes to ceiling fans, there are already quite a number of them that are of unique nature and being distributed in the market.

  • Fanimation FP780PW-D1A-4, Punkah Pewter 21%22 Ceiling Fan with Switch ControlFanimation Punkah Wall Mount Ceiling Fan

  • This is one of Fanimation’s signature style fans found in resorts- hotels- and restaurants around the world.
  • In this type, the fan mounts to the wall and slowly sways from side to side.
  • It is sold in single sections that are attached to each other.

The 5-year limited motor warranty may be a turn-off for consumers however the design of the ceiling fan would still be able to attract more potentials buyers to purchasing the fan.

  • Casablanca 97052T Mission Ceiling Fan with Inteli-Touch Control, Bronze PatinaCasablanca Mission Ceiling Fan

  • The model’s light fixture uses 2-60W candelabra bulbs.
  • Comes with Advan-Touch Remote Control with a 6-fan speeds and full range light dimming.
  • Has a reversible, Safe-Exit, Home-Safe.
  • Through its XLP motor, it is able to provide incredible air movement with virtually no noise or wobble.

Its amount would probably get the consumers into thinking twice, however considering the magnificent style of this Casablanca model, there would definitely be more than a few consumers who would express interest in this product.

  • Fanimation FP7000OB Caruso Bronze Outdoor Dual 52%22 Ceiling Fan Motor Assembly Only with Wall ControlFanimation Caruso Tropical Fan

For those who would like a new spin on a classic fan, take a look at the Caruso from Fanimation. This fan actually consists of two heads, suspended from a single T-shaped post.

The two fans on the end look like traditional ceiling fans flipped on their side.  The fan angle can be adjusted for almost limitless airflow options.

So, if you tire of basket-weaved bamboo, you can choose from natural palm, distressed walnut, maple, and more.  The fan’s metal housing is available in several finishes, making it easy to work into any décor.

Before You Buy

Having a unique-looking ceiling fan as part of the home interior décor is always nice to look at, especially if the ceiling fan itself not only stands out but also complements the home décor.  Though uniquely-designed ceiling fans cost higher than normal, still there will always be consumers who will patronize them simply because they look unique and beautiful.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many unique styles available in today’s ceiling fan market.  As with any ceiling fan, one should always consider the size of the fan and blades when choosing from the variety of unique ceiling fans available.

Keep in mind that many of these fans will require higher ceilings to make room for things like dual motors or enlarged blades.  No matter which fan you choose, you’ll be delightfully surprised at the designs awaiting you.