Wall Mounted Fans - Old School No More


Wall mounted fans can be an honest-to-goodness blessing when trying to solve space dilemmas. They are perfect for any narrow or inadequate spots throughout your home from the tiptop attic sectors, through the hallways, into the bathrooms, and down the cellar way.  

Prices can vary from just under $50 to well close to $2,500 for the more complex and unique wall fans. They can be osculating or non-osculating depending upon preference.

Out of the home they are just the thing for churches, college dorms, health clubs, stock rooms, and sweltering or stuffy workshops. In fact, wall fans can supply a gentle breath of cool air in any type of area that is restricted in space where you can not utilize a standard floor fan or ceiling fan.  

Accessible in an assortment of design and styles ranging from the modern to the old traditional look, wall fans are not only productive but are now able to harmonize within your décor while effortlessly corresponding to your any room pattern.

Even when looking for uniqueness you can count on wall mounted fans. Give your eating area a taste of excellence by checking out just one of “Fanimation’s” signature fans. 

The Punkah Wall Mount is a tropical-African style fan with wide oval palm leaf blades that can be found in such places as hotels, resorts and restaurants…but that does not mean it can not grace the wall of your dinning room. When mounted, this one-of-a-kind fan will leisurely sway from one side to the other circulating a cool breeze to all sections of your room, keeping you comfortable while providing a touch of sophistication. 

You will need to purchase it in single segments and then attach them together. Obviously the first segment should include the motor and then depending upon the size and design of your wall you can add anywhere up to five individual sections. It holds a five star quality rating with a quiet, smooth motor and is available in antique brass, polished brass and pewter.

Best Three Wall Mounted Fans

1. Fanimation Old Havana Wall Mounted Ceiling Fan

Fanimation Old Havana Wall Mounted Ceiling Fan
  • Quality Rating of 5, which is the best.   

  • Runs smooth and quiet without wobbling or noise. 

  • Can be run 24 hours a day for years on end without any worries of the motor burning out. 

  • Has Outdoor Rating UL Listed for outdoor damp locations in covered areas only.  This cannot be exposed directly to rain. 

  • Not Energy-Qualified. 

A pricey amount always leaves consumers hesitating when it comes to purchasing the product, however with Fanimation, the costly amount is worth it when it comes to the product’s uses and benefits. 

2. Air King 9314 14" Multi Mount Electric Fan

Air King Multi Mount Electric Fan
  • Can be mounted on walls, ceilings, iBeams, and anywhere else with limited floor or table space. 

  • Features powerful air circulation

  • Constructed of powder coated steel to ensure durability and long service life. 

  • Motor features a powerful 3-speed, 1/20 HP, 120V, 1 phase, totally enclosed, permanently lubricated, and permanent split capacitor motor. 

3. ME-BZ - Melody – Metal Standard

ME-BZ - Melody – Metal Standard
  • Textured bronze finish with metal blade. 

  • 3-speed wall mounted fan provides maximum multi-directional airflow. 

  • Can be mounted in small, awkward spaces. 

  • Made of cast aluminum and heavy stamped steel. 

  • Carries a limited lifetime warranty. 

  • Equipped with hand-balanced metal blades and metal safety cages. 

Its being expensive might pose a problem to consumers however consumers should be made to realize that its pricey cost is nothing compared to its uses and the benefits it can provide. 

Before You Buy

Trying to fit everything into a small space can leave a person feeling stressed especially if he/she is not making any progress at all. Having wall mounted fans is a good thing because it can help in maximizing a limited space hassle-free thereby leaving everyone stress-free.

Any ancient Egyptian pharaoh would grab this up – if there was electricity back then.