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Not all people appreciate the worth and beauty of using ceiling fans. For one, they’re not as cool as air conditioning systems but they are far more efficient with air distribution. Besides, they might not make your room cold in a matter of a few minutes but using them instead of ACs also make you pay lower electrical bills since they use much lower energy. But instead of using just a single ceiling fan, why don’t you try gyro ceiling fans for more efficiency?

What You Need To Know about Gyro Ceiling Fans

Minka-Aire F602-BN-CH Gyro 42in Twin Turbofans with Light Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan - Ideal for kitchenYou probably haven’t heard much about gyro ceiling fans. These are not the traditional ceiling fans and unlike single ceiling fans, these fans are far more efficient because of their striking uniqueness in appearance and performance. They’re also very untraditional looking compared to the standard ceiling fans because of their dual fan heads.

It’s because instead of one, this kind of fans uses two heads which rotates on an axis. They’re better than single-headed ceiling fans because their independent fan heads have their own rotation speeds and are more capable at cooling even the hottest of environments. This is because gyro fans are designed to provide air circulation on large spaces with the fan heads configured at a certain direction.

Design and Make of Gyro Ceiling Fans

If you’re worried about the odd design of gyro fans, then you don’t really have anything to worry about except the dual head fans. Minka Aire is one of the main manufacturers of gyro fans that are also suitable for modern décors. You will find a lot of high quality gyro fans with excellent blade and body finish like chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, polished rose wood, and other high grade materials.

Features of Gyro Fans

TroposAir Mustang II 18in Dual Motor Oscillating Gyro Ceiling Fan Brushed AluminumBesides, since gyro fans are made to accommodate proper air circulation in very large spaces, those available in the market nowadays offer plenty of features for their customers like adjustable turbofan heads, high performance fans, 90 to 360 degrees fan head rotation that can be done horizontally or vertically, several speed configuration on axis rotation, wall control for full function, forward and reverse speeds, and independently controlled fan heads.

  • Better and Maximum Airflow

Gyro fans are better at providing maximum airflow and are best known for being rated as one of the best ceiling fans to use outdoors or on wet conditions. This is because gyro fans are often damp and UL listed so you can be sure of them weathering the natural elements with grace, so you can install a gyro fan on your garage, gazebo, deck, patio, or sunroom or any other big space that requires better air control and circulation.

  • Better Fan Motors

Minka-Aire F502-BCW Traditional Gyro 42in Twin Turbofan Belcaro Walnut Ceiling FanWhat makes gyro ceiling fans even more unique are their motors. Just like with the fan head, dual ceiling fans also utilize two motors to provide more power and better efficiency at air circulation. This is the major reason why a gyro fan can be used indoors or outdoors especially with the latter; depending on your requirement. More so, a dual head ceiling fan can easily take the place of a standard or single-head one.

  • Energy Efficiency

Perhaps one of the most obvious and the very reason why there are a lot of people who still take to using ceiling fans is because of their energy efficiency. Usually, ceiling fans only have to run on an average of 60 watts which amounts to about a cent per hour when calculated. Therefore, even if you use a gyro ceiling fan which uses two motors to accommodate more power, it still won’t burn a hole in your pocket when you pay for the electric bill.

  • Strong Design Element

Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 74-in Oil-rubbed Bronze Outdoor Downrod Gyro Ceiling FanAnother reason why you should consider having a gyro ceiling fan for your home or your office is that it provides any space a strong design element. Just like the standard ceiling fan, gyro fans come in a wide variety of styles, design, and finishes. It can also range from the classic Victorian look to the more modern and contemporary style that fits most homes today because of their sleek and minimalist design.

What makes a gyro fan another good choice is that it comes with decorative motor houses, downrods, and even creatively made blades depending on your artistic preference like the more popular flat polished blades made of wood or metal, palm leaf blade design, or go with hand-carved wood blades, or woven bamboo.

  • Lighting

Metropolitan Modern Double Ceiling Fan in Satin Nickel with LightIn some cases, there are gyro ceiling fans which are also equipped with lighting fixtures so they work double as something you can use to properly circulate the air around your home and provide lighting when you need it.

  • Less Fuss

By using a gyro ceiling fan, you eliminate the problem of installing two ceiling fans simply because you need more blades to work at distributing air on a large space. With this kind of fan, you can enjoy cooler air inside your home and just do away with a single installation so there’s less fuss for you to deal with.

Unique Gyro ceiling fans from Minka Aire

Minka-Aire F502-BCW Traditional 42in Twin Turbofan Belcaro Walnut Gyro Ceiling FanThese one of a kind fixtures actually consist of two fans mounted to a central post.  They feature some of the most interesting designs on the market; and, they offer several benefits over traditional ceiling fans, like independently adjustable rotation.

There are seven models of Gyros.  These high performance twin turbo fans are 42” in diameter and come in transitional, traditional, and contemporary styles.  Each model offers a different finish.  Choose from oil rubbed bronze, Belcaro Walnut, Sterling Walnut, Restoration Bronze, brushed nickel wet, brushed nickel with chrome accents, and white.  With so many choices, finding a Gyro to match your style is an easy task.

Minka-Aire F602-BN-CH Gyro 42in Twin Turbofans with Light Brushed Nickel Ceiling FanOne of the most basic Gyro models is the F402-WH High Performance Twin Turbo.  This fan’s familiar white finish would blend easily into any room.  The dual caged fans extend from either side and can be operated at different speeds.

The center of the fixture features a globe light that adds a soft downward glow to the room.  The total of six blades create airflow of 5050 cubic feet per minute, perfect for creating a cooler feeling atmosphere.

Next on the list of exquisite Gyros is the F602-BN-CH.  This twin turbo fan offers a 42” blade sweep and a total of six blades in two caged fans.  The brushed nickel post and accents are a stunning contrast to the opal glass light shade.  The overall effect is a clean, modern piece worthy of any high-end design.

Ellington FARII13ABZ3RW Faraday II Double Gyro Ceiling Fan 47in Span BronzeFor the ultimate in luxurious style, there is the F502-BCW.  This fan’s scrumptious Belcaro Walnut finish invites you to come toward the amber glow from the glass shade below.

Intricate scrollwork and thoughtful detailing combine to create a fan that would fit into the grandest of spaces with ease.  The fan even features a wall mount control system and independent rotation speeds.

All Gyro fans come with a mini can halogen light bulb and a wall mount control system. There are three transitional designs are available specifically for outdoor spaces and this include finishes such as the oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel wet, and white.  Gyro ceiling fans may seemed just all about the designs however they can also be used for general purposes.

These are just a few of the styles available in the world of Gyro ceiling fans.  Other finishes include brushed nickel, sterling walnut, and restoration bronze.  Each Minka Aire Gyro fan offers exquisite style, energy efficiency and unsurpassable functionality, making these unique fans a must-have for any home.

Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 74-in Oil-rubbed Bronze Outdoor Downrod Dual Gyro Ceiling FanAnd the bottom line…

With the help of gyro fans, it’s easier to make a large room cooler. It’s also more cost-efficient compared to buying individual ceiling fans and installing them one by one. There’s also the fact that gyro fans are to cool larger areas so they are manufactured to provide a more intense airflow and higher air velocity with better equipped blades.