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A baseball ceiling fan will look great in your home, regardless of whether you are a sporty kind of person or not. As most baseball teams nowadays have tied up with manufacturers and produce ceiling fans with their logos on it, which makes them a rave with sports enthusiasts and kids alike. Even from an aesthetic point of view, these sports ceiling fans are quite pleasing to the eye.

Kids enjoy anything related to the things they love. If you have children whose sole interest is baseball, look no further for a fixture that will surely tickle their fancies, the baseball ceiling fan.

Baseball Ceiling Fan Facts

Baseball ceiling fan in kids bedroomSports plays an integral part on children’s lives. While some enjoy playing the sport, others get a kick out of watching and cheering on their favorite teams. Because there is a demand for sports-themed paraphernalia, companies decided to manufacture ceiling fans decked out with athletic trimmings.

This kind of model will not only appeal to the young, but to older fans of the sport as well. The blades of this device are designed to look like a bat while the motor’s cover resembles a glove. There are plenty of models available in the market today, and it can be fun choosing one with your kids.

Other than its comfort-giving factor, ceiling fans also supplement a cool element in a young boy or girl’s room. Children’s rooms are not the same as other rooms in the house in terms of décor. Parents would like their own children’s rooms to be a special place for them thus it is designed and built up in a manner that their youngsters will get into and totally love.

A fun ceiling fan can be a great topic of conversation among children and their friends. Kids can be active throughout the day and the device serves as a nifty unit to make them more comfortable.

Designers Ceiling Fan, Mlb Chicago Cubs Baseball Designers Ceiling Fan 42 inch, Mlb Boston Red Sox Baseball Ceiling Fan Designers Ceiling Fan, 42 inch Mlb New York Yankees Baseball Ceiling Fan
Designers Ceiling Fan 42 inch, Mlb New York Mets Baseball Ceiling Fan Designers Ceiling Fan, Mlb St. Louis Cardinals Baseball ceiling fan 42-inch Designers Ceiling Fan 42-inch, Mlb Atlanta Braves Baseball Ceiling Fan

What to Look For in a Baseball Ceiling Fan

Baseball Ceiling Fan Pull ChainDuring sweltering days, people are often reminded of how convenient ceiling fans can be. Make your kids snug and sweat-free in a chill environment with a baseball ceiling fan. Here are some considerations to keep in mind while shopping for one.

  • Fan blades

Choose a model that has proper-sized blades that will complement the room’s ceiling. In general, smaller rooms can benefit from models with shorter blades while a bigger fan needs a room with bigger blades. This is the reason why models come in different size blades.

  • Downrods

A downrod dangles the device from the ceiling to the height required for head clearance. Majority of models have a 6-inch or 12-inch downrods included in the whole assembly. If you are going to install the model in the kids’ bedroom, make sure that you get a downrod that’s safe enough for your children’s height.

Generally speaking, the most fitting downrod for a particular room will rely on your personal requirements. Another option is to get a baseball ceiling fan with a remote control.

  • Other accessories

Accessories like ceiling fan pulls can switch the fan on or off. It provides homeowners the option to switch the device on while the lights are left turned on or vice versa. If you want a fan pull for a children’s bedroom, make sure that the length is long enough for the kids to reach.

Remotes are also a convenient way to turn the device on or off. It provides users the liberty to manage the settings of the device anywhere in the area. Users will be able to manage the speed and light settings of the fan in bed or by the study table.

Safety Precautions

Hunter 23252 Baseball Ceiling Fan 44-Inch Single Light 4-Blade Leather-Look Mitt Base with 4 Pine Aluminum Blades and Baseball LightNow that you have purchased the baseball ceiling fan that everybody loves, it’s time to install it and take heed of certain safety measures. If the device was not installed properly, it might fall down and can result into injury and damage. Also, kids can throw objects at the device while at play and this can also inflict damage on the fan.

This is why all safety precautions must be considered and put to heart before and after installing the device in a room meant for children. Remind the children that the device will not work anymore once it gets broken so they should help in taking care not to do things on it that will harm the fan. In general, ceiling fans for children’s rooms are safe but it is always wise to be twice as careful with such devices.

Maintenance is also key in making the device last longer. Make sure that you provide maintenance procedures on the fan every once in a while and check whether the device is still working properly.

Parents want nothing but the best for their kids’ bedrooms or play room so they will do all it takes to make it into a comfortable, safe haven. Adding a ceiling fan that will jazz up the area is one great way to make it extra-special. Not only will a kids ceiling fan add that fun spark in the room, but it will also make the kids happier in the long run.

Why you should be buying a Baseball ceiling fan

  • Baseball Ceiling Fan Vinyl Decal Skin Kit fits most 42 inch fans - FAN and BLADES SOLD SEPARATELYGive any room they are in a sporty look
  • Accessories such as a Baseball ceiling fan keep the outdoorsy kids happy
  • In case you or your kid supports a team, then you can show it off by having your team’s color or logo on the sports ceiling fan.
  • Ideally suited for small to medium rooms

Since a baseball ceiling fan has a lot to do with the way the fan looks, you will obviously need to find one which has the kind of design/colors that you prefer. However at the end of the day a fan is a fan so it goes with saying that they should at least perform well. Consider some of the better looking and performing baseball fans available in the market today here.

Best Three Baseball Ceiling Fans

  • Hunter Baseball 44” Leather Look Ceiling Fan

Hunter 23252 Baseball 44-Inch Single Light 4-Blade Ceiling Fan, Leather-Look Mitt Base with 4 Pine Aluminum Blades and Baseball LightThis Hunter model comes in leather looks and pine/aluminum blade. The span of this fan is 44 inches and it is powered by the Whisperwind motor meaning you get good performance without a racket. This baseball ceiling fan does not have the performance to write home about but it does decently with what it has and doesn’t disappoint in the least bit.


  • Circulates air well: Does a good job of circulating air around a medium sized room.
  • Quiet: The fan works very noiselessly and has hardly any hassles.
  • Looks awesome: The design of the fan makes it look very sporty and is sturdy to boot.
  • No wobblin’ worries: The fan doesn’t shake or wobble a bit even when it is made to run at high speeds.


  • Expensive: It is an expensive fan primarily because of the looks and also because it is a Hunter.
  • Limited warranty: The fan has a limited lifetime warranty although this is nothing to worry about; some still might consider it a little less on the delivery scale considering its otherwise great features.

The Hunter Baseball 44 inch ceiling fan is an expensive model but looks great in its leather look and great air circulation!

  • All Star Sports –Baseball Ceiling Fan 52 Inch

This 52 inch baseball ceiling fan operates in 3 speeds and also has a reverse option to boot. It does well in rooms which are under 100 sq. ft. and the 3 globe light fixtures do quite well when it comes to lighting up the room. The fan comes with 4 themed blades and it can also be used minus the light fixture without affecting its looks. The package comes with a 4 inch downrod with additional lengths available at home improvement store. Ceiling to blade clearance is 7 inches


  • Circulates air well: It is a good fan and does the job of circulating air really well.
  • Quiet: The fan is really quite as a whisper; you won’t be kept up by it at night for sure!
  • Great Designs: The design of this baseball ceiling fan makes it look very sporty while being sturdy much like that athlete you admire!


  • Expensive: Once again you really cannot expect themed fans to go cheap these days.
  • Light fixtures: While the lights are definitely a welcome addition they could have used a better placement than what is provided in this fan.

The All Stars Baseball ceiling fan is very quiet and has a great design. It’s rather expensive but includes light fixtures.

  • Westinghouse Baseball 30 inch Ceiling Fan

This baseball ceiling fan from Westinghouse brings the spirit of the ballpark right to your bedroom. The 30 inch, white finish ceiling fan is specially decorated with an exciting baseball theme that will inspire any young athlete. This particular fan is hugger mounted which means it can fit into any small room. It also comes with a 25 year warranty.


  • Hugger style: The hugger style fan means that it can fit into any room of small sizes.
  • Good breeze: The breeze from this fan is decent enough to keep a small room cool.


  • Not for larger rooms: Do not expect to have an impact on large rooms with this fan.
  • Plain looks: The white color of the fan does make it look a tad drab compared to the All Star Sports and Hunter Baseball 44.

The Westinghouse Baseball ceiling fan is a smaller model but is flush (hugger) mounted to the ceiling and has a good breeze for smaller rooms. The design is not very extreme but the fan does the job!

Before You Buy

These aren’t very special fans and with the limited features it won’t appeal to most buyers if they are not really into baseball. But to those sporty people who hold the sport of baseball close to their hearts, such a baseball ceiling fan will certainly give them a reason to be happy.