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Craftmade Ceiling Fans

Choosing the perfect ceiling fan for your dwelling is not just about finishes and design. There are important factors that one should consider when it comes to selecting a product that will work in a particular area in your home. In order to acquire a unit’s maximum performance, you must keep in mind factors like location, room size, ceiling height, electricity usage and the quality of a unit.

Thankfully, Craftmade has a line of products which will no doubt satisfy all of those factors mentioned above. The company has included on its stead models that won’t only keep you cool, they will also help you save money in the long run. Craftmade-produced ceiling fans will provide you more bang for your frugal buck as compared with air conditioners.

Craftmade: A Brief Overview

Craftmade International, Inc. was established in 1984 and the company has since manufactured and delivered excellent product lines. Over 20 series and 1237 models of the company have been designed, which makes them one of the most trustworthy brands in the market today. The firm even earned a nod from Forbes Magazine, which has given Craftmade a place in one of the esteemed magazine’s accomplishment lists, the “Top 200 Best Small Companies in America.”

Craftmade fans offer a wide range of products that can truly transform the way your home looks. It is a relatively new company but it has made an impact in the world of ceiling fans being among the most reliable, durable, energy-efficient and cost-effective in the industry. This company represents time-proven dependability and enduring value and Craftmade continues to break ground in both quality of construction and design innovation.

The company’s cutting-edge design collections have set them apart from their peers and their technologically advanced, competent DC motors give top performance plus energy-efficient operations. Their ground-breaking Total Control systems provide wireless remote control options to a variety of units and the company’s lines can be customized to boot. The arrangement of blades, motors, light kits and extras offer a boundless range of options for every user.

To this day, the brand goes on to manufacture ceiling fans that surpasses standards in the industry. The company’s line of products can enhance and revamp your dwelling, working space or commercial settings. They are available in a wide array of styles and finishes from traditional to modern.

The brand has a particular unit design that will supplement any home interior. They are products that can bring excellent value to the business. With such a broad selection of distinctive designs and affordable prices, the brand’s products provide versatility and functionality to clients both old and new.

Why You Should Consider Craftmade Ceiling Fans

The company’s range of ceiling fans are the perfect units for wise consumers, savvy interior design enthusiasts and homebuilders. They have units that are built from the most dependable and strong materials provided today. Each and every unit the brand has includes high-quality, durable blades, excellent finishes and powerful motors.

The company’s quality control engineers inspect and test all units at each stage of the construction procedure. Factors like blade aesthetics, finishing, motor performance, lighting and controls are checked to guarantee that the unit works effectively overall. Even subparts are not ignored; they undergo the same kind of inspection to ensure that it will contribute wholly and effectively to the unit’s operations.

Plenty of related companies have teamed up with the company to create even more amazing ceiling fan units. Firms like Jeremiah Lighting, Teiber Products and Ellington Fans have collaborated with the company to provide consumers with products that they will undoubtedly enjoy using for a long time. The company is known for manufacturing products with excellent quality thus other brands liked doing business with Craftmade.

The company’s Innovative Total Control system also puts in a wireless remote control option to a selection of units.

The company’s products are exemplified by a seasoned team of sales professionals all over the US and they are warehoused in Coppell, Texas. A customer serve representative will gratefully take your order and the company’s consolidated invoices makes it more convenient to get hold of full-freight purchases.

Craftmade is considered as one of the great brands in the huge pool of ceiling fan brands you can buy in the market today. It has garnered them a dedicated group of customers who rely on their products after experiencing ease and coziness with their fixtures, plus the reliability and hardiness each and every product provides.

One example of an excellent unit from the brand is the Juna ceiling fan. It has a geometrical design featuring arched wing blades with a stunning black nickel finish complimented with a built-in halogen downlight. It will fit both living rooms and dining rooms and it comes with a remote control for convenience. An added bonus is the unit’s easy installment procedures.

Another fine unit from the company is the Velocity model. The model’s excellent airflow comes from its 58-inch blade span, resilient motor and 19.5-degree blade pitch. Industrial and contemporary styles meet in this unit and it will perfectly complement rooms with a minimal, modern feel.

The company teams up with a big network of specialty shops and lighting showrooms all over North America as well as other parts of the globe. Visit the brand’s official website to find a dealer near you.

Reasons for buying a Craftmade ceiling fan:

  • Good when it comes to air circulation.
  • Energy efficient and cost effective.
  • Brand is reliable and the products are durable.
  • Designs are good and so is the quality.

Best Three Craftmade Ceiling Fans

  1. Craftmade Celestial 2 Ceiling Fan in Saddle Leather

This is a very rustic looking fan with beautiful non-traditional accents and its charred oak blades. The quite traditional look of this fan should make your decision to include this in your room an easy one if you have matching furniture to boot.


  • Circulates air well: The fan does a great job in circulating air all around your room
  • Quiet: The fan works very noiselessly and is the fan to have when you want to take a nap on a hot summer day without getting disturbed.
  • Works in both directions: A ceiling fan going in both directions may not be very useful, but is a good feature to have.
  • Range of speeds: It offers a good range of speeds to make the fan work in.


  • Swinging pull chain: The swinging pull chain can be sometimes a bit irritating to deal with.
  1. Craftmade 52″ Cordova Antique White Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fans comes with a Cordova motor and an antique white finish with blades to match. It is a 3 speed fan and has 2 inch and 6 inch downrods.


  • Circulates air well: It is a good fan and does the job of circulating air really well.
  • Quiet: For the kind of motor it comes with, it is indeed a decently quiet thing.
  • Range of speeds: The range of speeds ensures that you stay nice and comfortable no matter the temperature. Though 3 speeds may seem a bit less, but this will actually depend on your usage and preference.


  • Unable to use the 2 inch downrod: Use of 2 inch downrod does not allow line-up of pin holes and instructions does not address installation of such downrod.
  1. Craftmade 42″ Sop with Camel Warplane Ceiling Fan

The Sopwith Camel ceiling fan from Craftmade has a design inspired by the British WWI single-seat fighter biplane, famous for its maneuverability. The fan is obviously designed for aviation enthusiasts however it goes without saying that it is a rave with kids as well. This fan comes with just two blades in a wood finish with white tips while the motor has a 30 year limited warranty.


  • Circulates air well: It is a good fan and does the job of circulating air really well.
  • Quiet: It is a decently quiet fan.
  • Multiple range of speeds: The fan offers multiple speed options for you to choose from.
  • Works in both directions: A good thing with any fans sp that you can use it both during the summer and winter months.
  • Great build quality: The look and the feel of the fan is indeed brilliant. However what is really impressive is that it also offers spectacular build quality for the price it asks for,


  • Wobbly: The fan does tend to shake a bit and looks a bit wobbly at times. This is probably because it has two blades only.

Before You Buy

Craftmade makes excellent fans and they are always a good purchase. With good after sales service and a decent warranty coming with all its fans, these Craftmade ceiling fans are a quality buy and do your pocket no harm as they are quite reasonably priced keeping in mind the other fans that are also available. In short you can very easily buy a Craftsmade ceiling fan without needing to worry about quality issues. Customers have always given their Craftsmade ceiling fans a positive review and those who did have issues were quickly solved by the company.