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Kichler Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans vary in terms of price, features and styles. It is crucial that you first inspect a product from a brand thoroughly before making a purchase. Budget fans look great off the rack, but most of these cheap models do not last that long.

If you base your purchase on quality, performance, motor operations and warranty apart from appearance, then expect that you will have a durable product on your hands, something that will perform effectively for years.

Top of the line brands like Kichler have provided consumers with high-grade products for years. They produce models with a good combination of functionality and style, factors that are considered important when it comes to ceiling fan purchase.

The information on this article regarding the company will help you consider why Kichler has products that are right up your alley.

Kichler: A Brief Overview

Kichler fans are made by the Emerson company, which is a leading fan producer noted for its inclusion on the acclaimed Fortune 100 list. Because of its merging with Emerson, the company was able to design and construct products that are top-quality, efficient yet sophisticated in terms of design. The company also specializes in designer housing lightings other than ceiling fans.

Kichler fan designs are stylish and contemporary which will cater to folks with a hipper approach on design. The units include lights which can augment its colors and features, and are excellently crafted by its team of engineers and designers to guarantee prolonged use plus exceptional performance.

The company prides itself on its customer service as well. Kichler knows that great products and customer service go side by side. This is why their customer service agents are ALA-trained and certified. The brand’s management team has developed a service culture that puts customers on top priority and this kind of thought was imparted into each and every member of the company.

All of your queries and issues with the company’s products will be heard and addressed fast, with little to no inconvenience. The brand promises that you will acquire the product you want at the right cost whenever, wherever. This kind of practice therefore, makes the company one of the most trusted in the business.

Why You Should Consider Kichler Ceiling Fans

Kichler’s high-quality motors are deemed as one of the most competent in the ceiling fan industry today. The motors are responsible for juicing and generating the fan so if the motor is resilient and strong, it will last longer. Emerson’s K55XL motor is considered as an excellent example and its aluminum die-cast can withstand damage and provide flawless operations for a longer period.

The company’s ceiling fans also include industrial-strength blades which can work extra hours to give users sufficient amounts of air. The ball bearings and the blades are crafted from high-grade materials which are also resistant to corrosion. In addition, they do not twist and get damaged easily.

The units are an adequate alternative to your air conditioner because of its tireless effort to provide air movement. This kind of fixture is designed to cool down a room during the year’s hottest months.

Not only that, reversible ones also act as a provider of warm air during winter. The room temperature does not change but a Kichler ceiling fan offers ample amount of cool air in the summer and in winter, recirculates warm, comforting air downwards.

The brand’s units are crafted with first-rate features so that it will operate efficiently, which means that it has DC motors in its arsenal. DC motors are more efficient as compared with the standard AC motor and along with the Energy Star label, clinches the fact that Kichler units will save you money in the long run.

DC motors use around 70 percent less energy and they operate at cooler temperatures as compared with AC motors. This basically means that the unit’s motor gets an extended life. In addition, the fans’ small size indicates easier installation of the product and less weight to deal with.

To save money in the summer by means of your Kichler ceiling fan, you have to set the fan to turn counter-clockwise. This method will help push the air downwards, and this creates a breeze which makes staying inside that room more comfortable for people.

During colder months, you can set the fan to turn in a clockwise direction in order to pull the air up and let it circulate, conveying the warm air that surges upwards to the ceiling to go downwards.

The brand’s overhead fixtures come with a lifetime motor warranty and it provides practically noiseless operations once it is turned on.

Bestsellers from the company include the Leeds, which has 52-inch reversible blades and comes with a 3-speed CoolTouch handheld remote control. This is an excellent Energy Star certified product, which means the unit provides sufficient amounts of air so you won’t have to sacrifice comfort anymore while on energy-saving mode.

Kichler Ceiling Fans are known to provide a lot more than energy savings and air circulation. Wherever it may be in your house, Kichler’s overhead fans can set the tone for a room’s sense of style. Kichler has a big ceiling fan collection with three models being there primary sets: Most Décor, Select, and the outdoor models. You can find whatever you may need with a Kichler ceiling fan, which will be best, suited to your tastes.

Reasons for buying a Kichler ceiling fan:

  • Energy efficient and do the job of a fan i.e. circulate air really well.
  • Their most Décor models include a CoolTouch™ Control System and coordinating lighting. The Select models blend traditional with modern day style, and, finally, the outdoor models are as tough as they are beautiful.
  • Multiple sizes and various tones to complement any home.

Best Three Kichler Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans, especially the Kichler line of ceiling fans have already become very popular. These are some of the top rated fans you can buy:

  1. Kichler Traditional / Classic Outdoor 52 Inch 5 Blade Ceiling Fan

This fan has a Tannery Bronze powder coat finish and also a white finish as well. It is a part of the Kichler Sterling Manor Patio Collection and comes with a pull chain and is rated for indoor and outdoor.


  • Wet rated: It is rated for use in wet locations too which is an added advantage.
  • Quiet: It is a quiet fan which delivers a good performance as well.
  • Looks great: It is a great looker and the paintjob is really top notch.
  • Reverse mode: Which makes this particular ceiling fan a good buy for any place with any weather conditions.


  • Fan light kit isn’t interchangable: You have to buy a Kichler light kit for this fan and any other light kit won’t do.
  • Cannot be flush mounted without downrod: This fan requires a downrod for a flush mounted installation.
  1. Kichler Lighting Richland Ceiling Fan

It is quite a basic fan which does well in its own right. It has optional light kits, remote and wall controls and switch housing. The 42 inch blade sweep does a good job of keeping you quite cool in even the hottest months.


  • Looks good: It is a sleek looking fan and does not look out of place in your home.
  • Adjusts to low ceilings: You won’t have to worry if your house has low ceilings. The fan can literally hug the ceiling if it is required.
  • Quiet: This is one of the quietest fans around; perfect for using on a hot summer night.
  • Easy to operate: With the range of control options that come with this fan, controlling it is really no issue.


  • Pricey: For the cost this fan comes in an optional light kit should have been included with it, however this is left wanting.
  1. Kichler Lighting Canfield Ceiling Fan

The Kichler Lighting Canfield Ceiling Fan has relatively small 44 inch blades but the powerful motor does a really good job in circulating the air and keeping the room cool. Most of the things that are required for installing the fan come along with it so it is hardly a problem to put up and turn on.


  • Quiet motor:  It is very quiet for and industrial ceiling fan of this size and power.
  • Large areas are no problem: Largely due to its motor, the fan can easily circulate air within even large rooms which some people are really surprised at given its rather small blades.
  • Powerful Fan: Again the fan is great for operating under difficult conditions because of a sturdy motor and a rugged construction. Most customers who purchase this ceiling fan have reported that they hardly require any maintenance on it and even the warranties are barely used.


  • Slightly expensive: It isn’t an expensive fan as such, but will weigh a little heavy on your pockets.

Before You Buy

Kichler make good fans and they have years of experience in making fans so you really won’t be disappointed for the quality it delivers, albeit at a slight increase in price. However like the saying goes, you get what you pay for, so for the said price increase you can expect good performance which will keep the cool on your and your family’s heads for years to come while saving up on electricity.