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Modern Fan Ceiling Fans

When it comes to ceiling fans, people would sometimes sacrifice aesthetics over comfort. They would invest on a unit that works and provides a lasting performance. However, there are in fact plenty of ceiling fan units out there which are not only functional, they look good too.

There are different kinds of styles available these days coupled with their own range of features. Plenty in fact that you won’t have any problems looking for one which will fit your home’s interiors. Styles scale from traditional, transitional to the modern.

If you are interested in the latter, the Modern Fan company provides a selection of hip, contemporary units that are packed with both great features and design.

Modern Fan Co.: A Brief Overview

Ashland, Oregon provided the settings for industrial designer Ron Rezek’s founding of the Modern Fan Company in 1997. The company was established because of the designer’s wildly popular creation, the Stratos ceiling fan. His design of the Stratos jumpstarted the wave of contemporary styles in the ceiling fan industry, thus Rezek decided to build his own company to satisfy a growing market for such a style.

Rezek started his design profession in the 70s, designing plastic water rescue cans used by lifeguards. His design for it was successful and by the latter parts of the decade, Rezek put up his own lighting company, Ron Rezek Lighting. The company specialized at first in the design and creation of modern lighting.

It was in the year 1986 when the designer finally made it big when he created the very first contemporary ceiling fan; the Stratos. The model did not include any standard features that were identical with ceiling fans at that time like blade irons and other traditional trimmings. Clients wanted more units in the vein of the Stratos so Rezek decided to become a full-time ceiling fan designer and to this day, the company produces nothing but contemporary ceilings which meets loyal customers’ demands.

Why You Should Consider Modern Ceiling Fans

If you are the type who often thinks “out with the old, in with the new,” then you will be at home with the styles coming from Modern. The company is known for its manufacturing of over hundreds of products with a modern-day twist. Designer Ron Rezek creates products without the superfluous details to make them more efficient.

The company’s line of products are minimal but hip, functional and effective, simple but still exciting. The designs feature a geometrical, aerodynamic appearance which suits homes and commercial spaces with a state-of-the-art setting. The great looks are there, but it is excellently functional too.

Because the fans are not decked with unnecessary elements, drag during a fan’s operation is minimized therefore the fan gets to work efficiently once it is switched on. The company also makes sure that each and every unit will work exceptionally by equipping it with energy-efficient lighting kits, plus it also comes in standard and hugger versions featuring a wide selection of control options.

Not satisfied with being leaders in contemporary product design, the company has since took part as a Charter Partner in EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) Energy Star program meant for ceiling fan products.

All units bearing the Energy Star stamp specifies that the product is energy efficient. A number of manufacturers including the company have teamed up with Energy Star consultants to establish specifications for units’ efficacy prerequisites, regulated assessing methods and the facilitation of building commercial services.

One of the main features of the program was Modern Fan’s accomplishments with compact fluorescent lighting equipment on ceiling fans. The company was the sole manufacturer who was working with compact fluorescent lamps at that time. It was discovered that the lighting parts of a ceiling fan employs plenty of energy as compared with the motor thus, compact fluorescent technology became a prerequisite on fans stamped with the Energy Star label.

Designer Rezek has long been an advocate of energy conservation and is happy that the advantages of compact fluorescent lighting has been uncovered and is now used on almost all ceiling fans in the market today.

The company’s products are an environmentally sound choice apart from looking good and providing excellent performance. It is a superb alternative to air conditioners, and Energy Star labeled products like those from Modern Fan guarantees a good chunk of savings for its users for a long time.

One of their bestsellers is the Torsion Ceiling Fan model which exhibits a distinctive light industrial design because of its wrench-like blades which rotates on top of a sizable bolt. Other than its novel features, the unit also features a great range of control options and finishes.

Another popular choice is the Ball Hugger model which churns out invigorating breeze while supplying a room with tons of simple yet hip touches. It can be customized to a range of modern settings and is available in a huge selection of blade spans, lighting and control options and finishes.

Modern ceiling fans provide an unrivalled combination of good looks, modern design and highly efficient air circulation for even the most discerning home owner. They range from the classic to contemporary in design and give you exactly what you want, all the while saving you extra bucks on the way. They suit pretty much every modern living environment you can think of.

Reasons for buying a Modern ceiling fan:

  • Energy efficient in nature which saves you a lot in the long run.
  • Air circulation is very good.
  • These modern ceiling fans make proper use of the resources and maximize the output.
  • The designs are good and so is the quality.

Before You Buy

Notwithstanding the make, style of design of a modern ceiling fan that you opt for, is still going to help create a better and healthy living environment in your home, and even reduce your heating costs. A correctly sized modern ceiling fan will help to redistribute all the warm air which normally gets trapped up near the ceiling, and start to circulate it round the room again. It will keep you cool when you need it the most!