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Quorum Ceiling Fans

Think before investing on a brand-new central air conditioning unit on your home. Look around and see how many ceiling fans you actually own. Only one? None at all?

Adding a ceiling fan from brands like Quorum can be a great investment to fulfill before you purchase an AC. Home energy usage and costs are the not the same as decades before, so installing a Quorum unit in your living space or any room in your house can save you money. An enhanced air circulation system in your abode will decrease home-cooling expenditures even without the help of an air conditioner.

Find out more about the company and its excellent products which can fit into any interior design concept you want to have.

Quorum: A Brief Overview

In 1981, the Davis family decided to put up their own company, thus Quorum International was born. Their first products were ceiling fans, then they ventured into the lighting industry years later after continuous success with their initial products. They still sustain their line of merchandise and go on with marketing their lines to various showrooms all over the US.

The company calls Fort Worth, Texas as its home and to this day, it is still owned by the Davis family. The firm also acts as parent company of other lighting distributions.

The brand has a great selection of ceiling fans, from whimsical designs to contemporary, chic ones. It has something for every room in your living space, whether your bedroom, the living room, the kids’ room or the patio/porch. The design of one of its more popular models, the Angel Fan was inspired by boat propellers and when it was positioned on the ceiling, the designers thought its beatific characteristics was appealing thus they named it the Angel.

Another popular design is the Trimark, which is another contemporary fixture that the company has produced. It will suit not only residential home interiors, but modernized, sleek offices as well.

Why You Should Consider Quorum Ceiling Fans

Quorum International is a company with over 30 years of experience and has provided millions of builders and homeowners with the highest quality of ceiling fans. Quorum ceiling fans are some of the most sought after home accessories out there. As a leader in this field, Quorum International is known to make the best products as far as ceiling fans go.

The company has been producing a great number of distinctive and exceptional ceiling fans, which marks its tenacity and drive to satisfy their customers’ demands. Owning a model from their line has plenty of advantages because you know it comes from a respectable brand that has stood the tests of time, trends, tastes and technology.

The brand’s products are manufactured to enhance air circulation and offer comforting, cooling air flow anywhere in your home. Other than providing a steady distribution of air, their products are also fashionable and eye-catching enough to provide a touch of elegance and become the central point of a venue. It’s available in a wide range of styles, sizes and finishes to suit and fit nearly any indoor or outdoor scheme.

The company’s Hunter exterior ceiling fans are UL-listed for damp settings or outdoor venues like porches, pool areas and patios. Their units come with straightforward, simple step-by-step instructions to assist both beginners and experienced DIY enthusiasts so they can mount the device themselves.

Other than ceiling fans, they also provide ornamental lighting and home accessories which will further complement the fans and your abode.

The brand’s ceiling fans improve your living space’s surroundings by effectively distributing air and delivering refreshing airflow which minimizes users’ dependence on air conditioners. They are sophisticated yet functional pieces that can add tons of good taste in your interiors.

Whether you need a model which will complement your home’s traditional interior design or fit a sleek, contemporary one with on trend furnishings, customers are guaranteed to discover a model that will perfectly flatter their living spaces.

In fact, the following places in your home can benefit from the help of a Quorum ceiling fan. Sleeping will be a lot more comfortable with a device switched on; you can now take your naps after lunch without being disturbed by the blistering noon-day heat and on summer nights, expect an uninterrupted, comfortable sleep.

Kitchens can benefit from this unit too since internal heat can build up inside and the device can help in cooling things down. Frequented places like family rooms and living rooms can build up body heat, so installing a Quorum unit definitely makes sense right away.

Your home office needs improvement by way of a ceiling fan as well. Your working quarters should be comfortable in order to get more work finished. Upstairs rooms like an attic converted into a bedroom will gain plenty because this particular area traps warm, trapped air often as compared with other areas on the ground floor.

Lastly, the company’s products are Energy Star-approved and compared with other like merchandise from competing brands, perform 20 percent more efficiently. So cut down on energy bills and use a product from the brand to further minimize your energy consumption without giving up comfort.

Reason to Buy a Quorum ceiling fan:

  • Quorum Ceiling Fans are some of the most well built and most recognized fans out there. Simply put, you really cannot go wrong when you purchase a Quorum.
  • Everything about a Quorum reeks of quality, only the choicest and most well tested components are used in their ceiling fans.
  • Available for a range of different budgets.
  • Quorum is also known for providing excellent after sales service.

While there are a lot of Quorum ceiling fans out there, Some of them tend to be better than the rest. The two most important elements you will need to consider are the fan’s price and design.

Best Three Quorum Ceiling Fans

  1. Quorum 52″ Daystar Contemporary Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

This fan comes with a brushed aluminum finish with five opaque blades in a satin opal finish. The fan also comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Craftsmanship: You won’t have problems keeping the fans in proper condition in the long run, considering there is a lifetime warranty on it.
  • Easy to install: The instructions accompanying this fan are very easy to read and the fan is easy to install.
  • Durable: The fan is sturdily built and will last long, which, coupled with its lifetime warranty makes it a sure shot winner.
  • Great airflow efficiency: Few ceiling fans come close to this one as far as circulating air per wattage of electricity is concerned.


  • Online order: Finding this fan in the market can be quite hard which leaves most people attempting to acquire it with the internet.
  • Halogen bulbs: The light isn’t something which you would leave on before you go to bed.
  1. Quorum 60″ Alton Collection Old World Finish Ceiling Fan

It is a part of the transitional Alton collection. It comes in a sophisticated finish, along with five reversible blades with an old world finish on one side and a rich walnut finish on the other.


  • Solid design: The design gives you a feeling for solidness and it is quite a powerful fan.
  • Works in large rooms well: There was no problem in using this in large rooms too.
  • Both directions: This fan can move in both directions which is a good thing.
  • Quiet: It is a surprisingly quiet fan for its size and power.


  • Controls aren’t the most impressive: While Quorum is definitely one of the high end manufacturers of ceiling fans, it must be said that some of the other ceiling fan manufacturers such as Hunter and Craftsmade have been known to provide better and more versatile control units even with their lower end units.
  • Pricey: The Quorum 60 Alto is available for $330 to $350 which makes it a high end ceiling fan and fit for those with money to spare.
  • No instructions provided: This means setting up the fan can take a LOT of effort setting up the fan.
  • Not Energy Star Compliant: For a fan of this price and quality, Energy Star Compliance would have made it much more attractive.
  1. Quorum 60″ Dragonfly Collection Nickel Finish Ceiling Fan

It is a modern ceiling fan with sleek and updated looks. The fan comes in a satin nickel finish, and five distinctive Mylar blades are available in a gray finish.


  • Simple functionality:  The Quorum Dragonfly is rather simple to use and the instructions are very well laid out.
  • Very attractive: It’s a good looking fan with a Victorian look and feel.
  • Lifetime warranty: You know there’ll always be a solution when there is lifetime warranty.
  • Optional remote: The fan comes with a wall and remote control.


  • Will probably not go on a small ceiling: The60 inch blades take up a lot of space.
  • Pricey: Depending on what kind of finish and accessories that you buy with it, the price of the Quorum Dragonfly can vary between $420 to over $500.

Before You Buy

The Quorum ceiling fans are as functional as they are beautiful. The fans that Quorum produces look and feel like quality products and perform really well. Moreover, the great designs are an excellent addition to anyone’s home and greatly compliment a wide range of décor and settings.

The unit installation is itself pretty easy and intuitive; however, a professional installation is highly recommended for the controls if you are not a certified electrician or possess some experience in domestic electrical wiring. This will save you the extra trouble you may have to go through. Suffice to say that Quorum ceiling fans are of great quality and you cannot go wrong by purchasing one.